Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya 19 Nov 2015 Episode Pragya Gets Drunk Troubles Abhi

Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya 19 Nov 2015 Episode Pragya Gets Drunk Troubles Abhi :- As we have already seen how rockstar Abhi plans to trap Pragya by manipulating her to go on a romantic date with her. Also he has proposed her but somehow Pragya dodges by going in the washroom well now we will reveal in this post what will happen next on KKB.


Pragya tries to hide from Abhi but he finds her after which he mixes alcohol in her juice and she drinks it after that she got a hangover and got unstable. In her drunk state Pragya starts troubling Abhi by doing funny things in the restaurant but somehow Abhi manages to get out of that place and finally he takes her to home with him.

He throws her on her bed in the bedroom and she starts acting in a funny way. Pragya then tells Abhi that he has a new boyfriend Abhi got shocked and Pragya opens her bag and gets a doll out of it which she calls her new boyfiend.

She acted in a very cute way and Abhi got jealous by seeing all this. Finally Pragya tells him that she is hiding a truth from Abhi. He asked what is it and then she told him that she has proposed her boyfriend and he accepted.

At last she falls into sleep and Abhi takes doll away from her and throws it on couch with his doll who he claims that it is his Fuggi.

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