YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 14th December 2016 Written Updates Ishita Confronts Ruhi for Lying

YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 14th December 2016 Written Updates Ishita Confronts Ruhi for Lying :- Raman by mistake throws tea on Ishita report and he went to her apologizing scared she forgives him and says no worry I will get the new ones he gets suspicious then tries to find out what she is hiding from him soon Ishita tells Raman that she has gifted his favourite alcohol bottle to Vidyut he says what I can’t live without it then she says that I bought a new one for you he gets relaxed then they both smiled.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 1005 Written Updates

Adi caklls Alia and asks her that he wants to meet her she gets happy Ruhi went do Suhail show lying at home then they both went for dinner Ishita spots them there confronted Ruhi tells her you want to have dinner alone with him or wanna join us. Suhail goes to attend a call and comes. He says I have to meet my show’s production designers, its good you have come, Ruhi can join you He goes Raman comes and says Ruhi you here. Ishita says she came here to surprise us. Raman says its good. Ishita says she is so sweet. Raman asks them to come. Ishita takes Ruhi.

At Bhalla house Mrs. Bhalla says I have prepared everything. Adi asks her to stay back. Aaliya is coming with friend. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma booked tickets Simmi says Mihika went with Romi, you should have said before, my play tickets got waste, Adi manage well. They leave. Adi thinks how to manage alone. Aaliya comes and he greets her. She asks is there no one at home. He says they all went out. She thinks we can spend time alone, not bad. He says I love you. They smile.

Door bell rings. He says maybe your friend came. Aaliya’s friends come. They all sit and talk. Aaliya asks Surbhi when are you getting married. Surbhi says no, I will not spoil things by marriage, we are engaged and happy. Romi comes. Adi says there is no one at home, they are Aaliya’s friends. Romi asks them to sit, I have some work with Adi. He asks Adi about Surbhi, she is much older than Aaliya. Adi says she is Aaliya’s friend form Australia, why are you showing interest. Romi says nothing.

Adi asks what. Romi says how to tell you, I met this girl many years before my marriage with Mihika, not a serious affair, maybe she did not identify me and acting infront of her boyfriend, I came to take shawl for Mihika, we are going for dinner, I will call her when I return, I don’t want Mihika to face her. Adi says cool, I will tell you. He jokes. Romi leaves.

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