YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 13th December 2016 Written Updates Ishita Forgives Raman Shocked

YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 13th December 2016 Written Updates Ishita Forgives Raman Shocked :- At Bhalla house a grand party was being organised Adi and Aliya had a fight there Suhail arrives Ruhi went to take snacks she falls down but he holds her they lost into each other eyes Shagun Ishita witnessed all this and then Shagun raises questions on Ishita upbringing replying to which Ishita said look at yourself you were about to leave your husband & daughter for a handsome guy they turned to their shock Mani was there.


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Mani says Ishu I thought you are my friend I guess I was wrong. He goes. Ishita says I have to tell Mani. Shagun asks whats your problem, I m sure this was your plan. Raman and everyone come Raman asks what happened. Ishita says Mani got to know about Vidyut. He says we should go and they leave Shagun says you all wanted this, you called me to humiliate Mrs. Bhalla scolds her Shagun asks Shagun does he have to say something and leaves.

Ishita and Raman stop Mani he says you broke my trust you have hidden big thing Ishita says we did not wish to hurt youHe says hurt is small word you convinced me to marry Shagun she was ready to leave me and came back as if nothing happened you knew this and did not tell me, you did not think how will I feel. Raman says why are you blaming Ishita, its not her mistake. Mani says you have hidden this too.

Shagun comes and says sorry, we did not wish you to know this. Mani says you knew it too, I feel like a fool. Shagun comes and says this is not true. Mani asks what do you want to say, why did you not tell me before. Shagun says I was scared and did not wish to lose you, Raman and Ishita planned this, Vidyut was acting to love me, they did this to get Pihu. Mani says shut up, you got trapped in their plan and wanted to go with Vidyut, I don’t know what to expect from Shagun, when my best friend cheated me. She says they both did this.

Next morning, Ishita says Mani is not answering She calls Aaliya. Aaliya says Mani went for business tour, he does not show true feelings. Ishita says fine, I will talk to him. Raman says let him come back, we will talk. She goes to cook to divert mind. Neelu says courier guy has come. Ishita signs and gets some papers. She checks and says its reports from Batra’s clinic, I will read it later. Raman says give me tea if breakfast has time. He asks for newspaper. Tea falls on Ishita’s reports. He gets worried. He praises the food made by Ishita. He asks all of them to have it. Ruhi says its fine, not extra ordinary. Raman says its too good. Ruhi gets Suhail’s message and smiles.

A totally scared Raman asks will you beat me in front of everyone for throwing tea on your reports Ishita goes Raman says I will say sorry He apologizes Ishita says its okay everyone does mistakes Simmi says how did Ishita stay cool after your big mistake.

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