YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 11th December 2016 Written Updates Raman tells Ruhi Suhail is Fraud

YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 11th December 2016 Written Updates Raman tells Ruhi Suhail is Fraud :- Ishita got arrested under the charges of Nisha committing suicide inspector Abhishek taken her to police station Raman also went there meanwhile Suhail along with Ruhi reached to India and she goes to meet Ishita cried a lot Suhail arrived there and they told him the whole story Suhail saw Nisha parents there and said that he will help Ishita in getting out of this situation as he knows Nisha mom dad very well.


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Suhail meets Nisha parents and then tells inspector that his dad Vikram Behl is a psychatrist and their daughter Nisha was going through psychological issues and came to meet his dad a few days back at his clinic he also shown them about the appointment details even Nisha parents agreed and Ishita got released.

Ishita went to thank even Suhail dad to his clinic but she found out that there was no clinic just a pastry shop as the address given by him was wrong Ishita told about it to Raman and he gets tensed while Ruhi meets Suhail and tells him that she is Ruhaan and will do a show for his upcoming event soon.

Raman and Ishita begins their investigation and they find out that Suhali company is going through a big loss then they say that if he has given them Rs 10 Lakh despite of going through loss surely he has a motive behind this. Later Raman confronts Ruhi and tells her don’t meet Suhail again he is a fraud Suhail came there and says yesterday you are thanking me and today you are calling me a fraud.

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