Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 January 2017 Written Updates Simran asks Raman About Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31 January 2017 Written Updates Simran asks Raman About Ruhi :- Raman and Romi meets Raka to get Ruhi out of remand home he sends a man to the prison facility and he asked Ruhi that I am Raka man sit in the truck Ruhi sits in it Raka calls Raman and says that the work is done she is with me now. At the prison guard informs warden that one prisoner is missing inspector Abhishek gets the truck details and went to find it in his car.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 1053 Written Updates

Romi calls Raman. Raman says work is done, Ruhi is with me, I arranged to hide Ruhi till this matter gets calm. Romi says thank God. Abhishek stops the car and truck. Romi asks what happened. Raman says police jeep, its Abhishek. Romi asks what. Abhishek asks Raman are you coming from remand home. Raman says yes. Abhishek says a prisoner ran away. Raman says how would I know. Abhishek says I did not had to stop you, I had to stop this truck, there was less difference between your car and this truck, so I had to stop you. He asks Raka to open the truck and show him.

Raka says there is nothing inside. Raman worries. Abhishek asks Raka to open the lock fast. Raka opens the lock. Abhishek lifts the door. He asks Raka to open boxes. Raman asks Abhishek is there any problem. He takes gun from Abhishek and aims at him. Abhishek asks are you mad, return my gun. Raman shoots in air and warns Abhishek to get away from gun. Romi hears gun shot on call and worries. Raman aims at himself and says I will shoot myself if you check truck, get back. Abhishek says we can sit and talk. Raman says move back.

Ishita and Shagun come. Ishita takes gun from Raman and asks are you mad. Romi worries and calls out to Raman on phone. He throws phone and says what did this happen, if Ruhi gets caught then….. judge can give big punishment to Ruhi, its because of me, I told Raman to take Parmeet’s help, I should go there and check.

Raman asks what are you doing here, Ishita give me that gun. Abhishek holds Raman. Ishita says I won’t give you. Abhishek takes gun from Ishita and aims gun at Raman. She asks what’s in this truck, what’s your problem, why are you stopping checking. Raman says its none of your business. Abhishek says but its my business, open the boxes. Raka shows the boxes. Abhishek asks him to open that box.

Raka opens the box. They see Niddhi unconscious, lying inside. Abhishek says Niddhi….. Raman asks how did Niddhi come here. Ishita asks why, were you expecting someone else, Ruhi? She is safe in remand home, i knew your plan and had to do this to safeguard Ruhi, when you were in function. Shagun and I were waiting to talk to minister, assistant said we did not get permission, we were leaving and now Niddhi coming with other prisoners for the function.

Simran asks Raman did you meet Ruhi what happened there Mrs. Bhalla asks how is Ruhi Raman cries Simmi says Ishita also went there did you meet Ruhi Raman asks what shall I say how is Ruhi in remand home I m not able to do anything.

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