Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 January 2017 Written Episode Abhishek Stops Truck & Raman Car

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 January 2017 Written Episode Abhishek Stops Truck & Raman Car :- Raman and Romi reaches the place where Parmeet called them Raman says are you sure we should do this think about it again Ruhi is not a criminal after all to which Romi replied saying that it may take years to get Ruhi out in a legal manner. Parmeet came with the man he says I’m Raka and he has got many big criminals out of jail in a short time he asks them are you ready Romi says yes we are.

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Ishita comes home and sees food on the table. She gets Shagun’s call and says I reached home, I will tell Raman about NGO head, I hope she meets minister.

Raman is on the call and says we can’t do mistake in this work. He sees Ishita and ends call. She asks is everything fine, you ended call seeing me. He says don’t give explanation to yourself, I ended work talk and disconnected, who are you that I explain you. She says Shagun and I met NGO head, she will talk to minister. He asks will she give guarantee that Ruhi will come out. She says how can she guarantee, sshe said she will try. He says I don’t want to wait for right way and goes.

Its morning, Raman and Romi have a talk. Romi gives the permission letter given by Parmeet. Raman says everything will be fine. Romi says don’t worry. He goes. Ishita comes and says Shagun and I are going to meet minister, are you coming. He says no, I have imp meeting, I m going remand home with minister, he is distributing blankets which I sponsored, I m meeting Ruhi. She says take me along, I have to meet her. He says you have contacts, NGO head, talk to her. He keeps few things in back. She sees and asks what’s this. She gets Shagun’s call and says I m coming. He asks her to go. She goes.

A man asks Ruhi to come, I m Raka’s man, your dad has sent me, come with me. Ruhi asks how will we go out. He asks her to just come and sit in that box, we will take you outside. She opens the box.

Guard stops the truck. Raka says all items are distributed, its just empty boxes, now I m leaving. Guard says no, its rule, we have to check truck again. Guard checks the boxes. Raka worries. Guard asks what’s this. Raka says its junk, I could not leave junk there, so I filled all junk, you can check well. Raka leaves in the truck. He calls Raman and says your work is done, she is with me. Raman smiles.

Abhishek finds out that Ruhi escapes from the jail he stops the Raman car and the Truck he questions Raman are you coming from remand home where a function was being kept for the prisoners Raman gets worried hearing this.

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