Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 January 2016 Written Updates Raman Released From Jail Ishita Finds CD 125

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 January 2016 Written Updates Raman Released From Jail Ishita Finds CD 125 :- We have seen in the previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus popular daily soap how lead protagonist Ishita filed charges of domestic violence against Raman, Santosh & Omprakash after which they got jailed by ACP Abhishek Singh and now its on her to find out what is CD 125 and what are Ashok and Sarika’s evil plans to destroy Bhalla family.


Ishita cries and Vishwa consoles her and tells her that he has full trust on her as she cannot take this step without a strong reason. Bala calls Mihir and tells her to help them as ACP Abhishek arrersted Raman and Sathosh & Omprakash Bhalla. While having a conversation with Vishwa Ishita explains him the whole story and tells him that she will go to any extent to save Bhalla family from Ashok’s evil plan.

FIR is fake Ishita further said and ACP Abhishek can’t hold them in prison for more than 12 hours. She reaches Bhalla’s house and starts searching for CD 125 without knowing what it actually is and Shagun also helps her.

Ashok calls Sarika and tells her that to get their plan successful they need to get Bhalla family back in the house otherwise it will get failed. Vishwa reaches police station and tells Raman, Santosh and Omprakash whole story and says that Sarika is the real culprit behind this.

Ashok comes to police station to get Bhalla’s released from jail. He shows ACP Abhishek Singh some certificates to prove that she is mentally unstable and all her charges are false. Fionally ACP Abhishek agrees to release them.

Raman tells that Ishita is not mentally unstable and its a part of his plan to get him released from jail. He also said that he has full trust on his wife and he knows that Ashok and Sarika gave him poison by mixing it in water.

Meanwhile Ishita and Shagun are still searching for CD 125. Ishita drinks water and suddenly she sees a water tank outside the kitchen window with CD 125 written on its number plate.

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