Jun 4, 2020

WWE SmackDown Results, Grades 15 February 2020 Written Updates Full Episode

WWE SmackDown Results, Grades 15 February 2020 Written Updates Full Episode :- The Valentines Day special episode of Friday Night SmackDown has already been concluded and Otis went on a date with Mandy Rose also Bayley faces Carmella in singles match, Hulk Hogan and Bray Wyatt had a split screen confrontation and Daniel Bryan teamed up with Roman Reigns against The Miz and John Morrison in the main event.

Tonights Friday Night SmackDown Valentines Day Special episode starts with a Moment of Bliss segment :

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were in matching outfits and holding matching coffee cups. Cross wants to talk about celebrity crushes. Bliss’ crush is Brad Pitt. Bliss’ guest tonight is Carmella. Bliss congratulates Carmella for winning last week. Carmella says she reminded everyone last week that Mella is money. Carmella says this may shock everyone but she used to be best friends with Bayley. Bliss shows photos of Carmella and Bayley hanging out. Carmella says ever since Sasha Banks came back Bayley has been different. Bayley walks out on the stage and tells Carmella that this isn’t about Banks. It’s really about Carmella. Bayley says she pitied Carmella since NXT. Carmella tells Bayley to get in the ring right now.

WWE SMACKDOWN 15 Feb 2020 Winners & Grades

  1. Bayley defeated Carmella in a Singles Match for SmackDown Women’s Championship (Grade – B+)
  2. Sheamus defeated Apollo Crews and Shorty G. in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match (Grade – C)
  3. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz and Morrison in a Tag Team Match (Grade – B+)


  1. After the match between Bayley and Carmella, Bayley attacks Carmella. Naomi hits the ring and gets in Bayley’s face. Mella pushes Bayley into Naomi. Carmella kicks Bayley in the head. Naomi drops Bayley with an enziguri. Carmella and Naomi nod at each other as Bayley writhes in pain out on the floor.
  2. Backstage, Bayley says she beat Carmella just like she beat everyone else. The next time she defends her title it will be at Super Showdown. Bayley doesn’t care who she faces.
  3. Backstage, Otis was texting Mandy Rose.., with emojis. Tucky walks in and hugs Otis. Tucky tells Otis that he’s going to do great tonight. Otis asks Tucky if Rose could really like him. Tucky says of course. Otis kisses Tucky on the head and thanks him.
  4. Backstage, Carmella demands a rematch against Bayley.
  5. Live via Satellite Hulk Hogan says Goldberg has a shot to beat Bray Wyatt. Wyatt interrupts NWO style. Wyatt rips his shirt off. Wyatt says he has been taking his vitamins and saying his prayers. Hogan wishes Wyatt luck against Goldberg.
  6. Bray Wyatt says he doesn’t need luck, he has a Fiend. If Hogan isn’t careful Wyatt may have room for one more on his wall. Wyatt holds up a photo of Hogan. Hogan thanks Michael Cole for having him on. Hogan gets up and walks away.
  7. Sami Zayn was holding a small guitar. Zayn says they are having a protest concert for all of the wrongs they have faced over the past few weeks. Cesaro has a cowbell. Before Zayn can sing Elias interrupts. Zayn gets upset. Elias says he is staging a counter-protest. Zayn invites Elias to join them. Cesaro goes NUTS with the cowbell. Zayn tells Cesaro that he needs less cowbell.
  8. The crowd chants for more cowbell… they gotta have it. Cesaro tosses the cowbell out of the ring. Cesaro and Zayn attack Elias. Braun Strowman hits the ring to make the save. Strowman chases down Zayn. Strowman is distracted by a security guard. Elias and Strowman toss a security guard out of the ring onto the other security guards.
  9. When Otis arrives for his date, he sees Dolph Ziggler talking to Rose. Otis drops the flowers he had for Rose and walks away.
  10. After the tag team main event match, King Corbin hits Roman Reigns with his Scepter.

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