Apr 4, 2020

WWE SmackDown Results 18 January 2020 Written Updates Full Show

WWE SmackDown Results 18 January 2020 Written Updates Full Show :- With just a week to go in Royal Rumble, we have seen John Morrison in action in a WWE ring after 8 years also Daniel Bryan announces the type of match he wants against Fiend at the Rumble. Sonya Deville takes on Alexa Bliss and Roman Reigns goes one on one against Robert Roode in a tables match in the main event.

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown starts with an in-ring segment featuring The Big Red Machine Kane :

Kane says we are 9 days away from my favorite event of the year Royal Rumble. A match in which you go through but the reward is a chance at immortality. I know how important this match is as I hold the record for most number of eliminations. The WrestleMania dream turned into a nightmare because of me and I have to admit it was a lot of fun.

Bray Wyatt interrupts with Firefly Funhouse, He says shame on you, you big red bully. Apologize to everyone in 5 seconds. Bray says Rambling Rabbit is alive and recovering. Bray says let me give you a advice that winning Rumble is not a good idea. Bray further says I never forget you and neither will he. Lights turned off and Fiend comes out of the ring while Kane was waiting for him outside. Kane turned back and says what took you so long. Daniel Bryan hits Fiend with a running knee. Fiend escapes and smoke comes out of the hole in the ring. Everyone with Bryan chants Yes Yes Yes including Kane.

WWE SMACKDOWN 18 Jan 2020 Winners & Grades

  1. John Morrison with The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston with Big E in a Singles Match (Grade – B)
  2. The Usos defeated The Revival in a Tag Team Match (Grade – B+)
  3. Lacey Evans defeated Bayley in a Women’s Singles Match (Grade – C)
  4. Alexa Bliss with Nikki Cross defeated Sonya Deville with Mandy Rose in a Women’s Singles Match (Grade – C)
  5. Roman Reigns defeated Robert Roode in a Tables Match (Grade – C+)


  1. Backstage, Bryan says Fiend is best at escaping and disappearing. I challenge Fiend to a Strap match at Royal Rumble. At Rumble I will change the Fiend and will become the Universal Champion.
  2. Bray Wyatt tells us all that he loves us. The problem is not everyone is worthy of love. Daniel Bryan doesn’t deserve love. The opposite of love is how “He” fells about Bryan. At first, “He” just wanted Bryan to remember. Then “He” wanted to change Bryan. Now he just wants to hurt Bryan.
  3. Backstage, USOS meets Roman and they ask him that are you ready for your match tonight. Roman says I’m ready but are you ready then Usos sayss we’re ready. Welcome to the….. Roman completes to the Usos Penitentiary
  4. Backstage, Revival says that if this company doesn’t make a change then Revival has to make a change.
  5. Lacey Evans was having a backstage brawl with Sasha Banka and Bayley then officials separated them.
  6. Sonya Deville asks Mandy Rose backstage that she want Otis at ringside for her match tonight and if Mandy asks Otis then he will not say no.
  7. In the Women’s locker room Bayley and Sasha were told that Bayley will take Sasha’s place in match against Lacey tonight as Sasha had an ankle injury after the brawl earlier in the show.
  8. Backstage, during an interview Sheamus interrupts Shorty G and makes fun of his height. Shorty G and Sheamus gets into a brawl after which officials separates them.
  9. In a backstage interview with Kayla Braxton, Braun Strowman says that I pinned Nakamura twice and I want an opportunity for the IC Title
  10. Elias was singing a song in the ring and Nakamura music hits. Sami Zayn with Nakamura & Cesaro came and says that Nakamura doessn’t back down from a fight. So Braun the answer in absolutely Not. We call the shots around here. Elias says I wrote a song Sami Zayn needs to shut his damn mouth. Zayn sends Cesaro to fight with Elias after which Zayn and Nakamura joins in.
  11. Braun Strowman came and saves Elias by throwing Nakamura and Cesaro out of the ring.
  12. A video was shown paying tribute to Rocky Johnson
  13. Otis and Tucker came down to the ringside during Sonya vs Alexa match
  14. Otis saves Mandy from falling which created a distraction and Sonya got pinned
  15. Backstage, King Corbin tells Robert Roode that after you win tonight I want Roman in a match in which he will bow down to the king. Corbin further says that Roode when you will put Roman through the table it will be….. Roode completes Glorious.
  16. King Corbin comes to the ramp during Roman vs Roode main event match
  17. Corbin distracts Roman after which Dolph Ziggler hits Reigns with a superkick.
  18. Usos hits a double Usos splash on Dolph Ziggler as he was lying on the commentary table
  19. Roman Reigns puts Robert Roode through a table by hitting him with a spear.
  20. Roman Reigns challenges King Corbin to a falls count anywhere match at Royal Rumble

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