WWE SmackDown Live 31 August 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 31 August 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- The all new episode of WWE Popular wrestling show Smackdown Live has just happened where we have seen a series of awesome single and tag team matches also some intense backstage and in ring confrontations between both the superstars and the divas we will give you all the exclusive details regarding this in this post further.


Tonight episode of SmackDown Live starts with The Miz & Dolph Ziggler In-Ring Promo where Miz tells the production crew cut the music. Does Miz have your attention? He doesn’t want to be booed. After he has been pushed aside by the general manager and commissioner, you are going to boo him? It took 148 days to get everyone’s attention for a prestigious title that was once prestigious, but now it is tarnished by quitters and serial failures. Miz has a soft style and he does not like to get hit in the face. Miz says he is smarter and he finds a way not to get hit. Miz says if Daniel Bryan wants to apologize and the commissioner agrees with him. Miz says that nobody really knows what is going on in the back. Who do they call when they need a spokesman, a commercial, a movie star, or play a fricking chicken? Miz!

Day in and day out, Miz does not get injured. The WWE Universe finds him unworthy because he does not get injured or fight in VFW halls in front of 50 people. They cheer and applaud people who get opportunity after opportunity after opportunity and they fail. Miz wants to know what it means to the fans when they consider him unworthy? That makes the WWE Universe cowards. Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt Miz. Ziggler says that Miz is making a good point. He does it all. here is a reason why the people will not get behind you. They see through you. Everyone goes above and beyond the call, but Miz just wants to be famous. That is why no one will ever believe in The Miz. That is why Daniel Bryan calls him soft and a coward.

They see through the facade. Miz wants to walk the red carpet and hold up a title and be famous. Every single week Miz has a chance to change that perception and prove that he’s not a coward. You want to prove it to the people, Daniel Bryan, or your wife? You want to prove to yourself that you are not a coward, do it right now. No title shots, no referees, no ring bells. Just Ziggler and Miz. Prove that you can fight me right here and right now and you can prove you are not a coward. Miz says that Ziggler is on and Ziggler takes off his shirt. Miz tells Ziggler to wait a minute and he goes to the floor and removes his jacket. Miz gets on the apron and then he goes back to the floor. Ziggler says that Daniel Bryan was right. You are nothing but a soft, safe coward. Miz turns around and goes to the ring while Maryse tries to hold him back.


1. The Hype Bro’s defeated The Vaudevillians in a First Round Match in the Vacant WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

2. AJ Styles defeated defeated Apollo Crews in a singles match

3. Natalya & Alexa Bliss defeated Naomi & Becky Lynch in a womens tag team match

4. Heath Slater & Rhyno defeated The Headbangers in a First Round Match in the Inaugural WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament

5. Baron Corbin defeated Dean Ambrose in a singles match via disqualification

WWE SD Live 31 August 2016 Results in Hindi


1. Dolph Ziggler challenges The Miz but he walks away like a coward

2. Styles walks in the back and he says hello to everyone. He stops and talks to Apollo Crews. Crews reminds AJ of his name. Styles says that this is not an spelling bee, this is Smackdown live. Styles is the face that runs the p-l-a-c-e.

3. Randy Orton accepts Bray Wyatt challenge to face him at Backlash 2016

4. Carmella attacks Nikki Bella from behind at the commentators table

5. tyles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Ambrose sends Styles crashing crotch first onto the ropes. Ambrose shakes the ropes. Ambrose shakes Styles hand and walks out of the ring with the title to end the show.

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