Jun 4, 2020

WWE SmackDown Live 30th January 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 30th January 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Another superb episode of WWE Blue brand show SmackDown Live has just been finished after a mind blowing Royal Rumble 2018 event 2 days ago. In the latest show we have seen a superb Fatal 4 Way match also an awesome tag team match at the main event about which we will discuss further below.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live begins with an In-Ring Segment featuring Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and AJ Styles

Nakamura grabs a mic and says at the Royal Rumble Sami Zayn? Knee to the face. John Cena? Knee to the face. Roman Reigns? Knee to face! At WrestleMania, AJ Styles? Knee-FACE. New WWE Champion. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn walk out. Owens tells the crowd to give it up for the winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble. Nakamura can point at the WrestleMania sign all he wants but Owens and Zayn were screwed out of their title. They should be standing here as the co-WWE Champions. Zayn says, “yep”. They were once again held back by the vendetta machine that is Shane McMahon. Zayn says the referee has one job: protect the integrity of the match. Owens’ passion coupled with the incompetence of the referee is the reason they aren’t champion. Owens says at WrestleMania Nakamura will be facing them for the title.

Nakamura tells Owens and Zayn that Styles is a winner and that they are losers. AJ Styles’ music hits and he walks down the ramp. Styles says Owens and Zayn can whine and complain all they want but at WrestleMania, the dream match of Styles vs Nakamura is happening. Styles tells Nakamura that they should turn this dream match into a dream tag team and face Owens and Zayn tonight. Owens and Zayn leave the ring. Zayn and Owens turn around and go back to the ring. Zayn asks Styles if he really wants this match. Owens and Zayn say “NOPE”. Nakamura and Styles both knock Owens and Zayn off the apron.


1. Rusev w/Aiden English defeated Kofi Kingston w/New Day, Jinder Mahal w/Sammer Singh and Zack Ryder in a Fatal 4 Way match for United States Championship #1 Contender

2. The Bludgeon Brothers defeated Local Talent tag team match

3. Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger in a singles match

4. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeated Breezango in a tag team match

5. AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a tag team match

1. Backstage, Owens and Zayn complain to Dani


el Bryan. Bryan says Styles can’t make matches but he can. Tonight they will face Styles and Nakamura. Bryan says he agrees they both deserve another shot at the WWE title. Zayn hugs Bryan. Bryan says next weel Owens will face Zayn. The winner faces Styles at Fastlane.

2. Rusev becomes the No. 1 Contender for the WWE US Title

3. Backstage, Breezango is supposed to be in control of the WWE’s social media accounts. Of course, they have the Ascension doing all the work. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin walk in and call them all embarrassments. Breeze says they aren’t the ones who lost to the Usos twice at the Royal Rumble. Benjamin challenges Breezango to a match tonight, then flips over a table.

4. The Usos gloat about their clean sweep of Gable and Benjamin from The Royal Rumble. Jimmy says they have the entire tag team division on lockdown. They list every team they have beaten since coming to SD Live. Jey says every struggle makes them stronger. Jey struggles are Jimmy’s struggle and vice versa. They are the best tag team in the world. As the Usos are leaving the ring the Bludgeon Brother make their entrance. They don’t acknowledge the Usos at all.

5. Backstage, Bryan unveils the advent of the Smackdown top 10 lists. The list will be voted on by the WWE Superstars. Bryan and McMahon will not have a vote and the superstars will not be able to vote for themselves.

6. Backstage, Tye Dillinger walks into Shane McMahon’s office. Dillinger says his opportunity was taken away from him last night. Baron Corbin burst in and complains that Bryan gave another shot to Owens and Zayn. Dillinger tries to interject and Corbin indignantly says, “you still here?” Dillinger says “yes… unlike your Money in the Bank contract”. Shane tells them both to calm down. They can settle their issue in the ring.

7. Renee Young asks Charlotte how she felt Sunday night. Charlotte says it was the first time she didn’t want to be champion. She wanted to be in the ring battle to win the first women’s Royal Rumble. Charlotte says she was standing in the ring with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Ronda Rousey. Charlotte says she doesn’t know who will be standing across from her at WrestleMania but it doesn’t matter. The Riott Squad comes out and Riott calls Charlotte arrogant, entitled and unoriginal. Riott says Charlotte isn’t even going to make it to WrestleMania.

8. Charlotte woos in Riott’s face. Charlotte attacks Riott. Charlotte clears the ring. The Riott Squad surrounds the ring then swarm Charlotte. Riott finishes the beatdown with the Riott Kick. As the Riott Squad is walking up the ramp, Carmella runs down with a referee. Carmella kicks the Charlotte to make sure she is out. Carmella give the MitB briefcase to the referee. Charlotte starts to stir. Carmella tries to dropkick Charlotte but she kicks the referee by accident. Charlotte stumbles to her feet. Carmella grabs the Briefcase and leaves.

9. Backstage, Styles walks into the locker room and says they need to come up with a game plan for tonight. Nakamura says “yes, he is going to be you at WrestleMania”. Styles goes, “what”? Nakamura says it again. Everytime Styles speaks Nakamura says he is going to beat Styles at WrestleMania. Styles asks Nakamura if he is messing with him. Nakamura says yes and laughs. Nakamura tells Styles to just listen to him out there tonight. Nakamura smiles and walks away. Styles is dumbfounded.

10. Backstage, Carmella tells Renee that what just happened was exactly how she planned it. She just wanted to remind Charlotte that she is still here… plus she has a broken nail so there is no way they could fight.

11. Backstage, Zayn says the good news is at least one of them are going to get a shot at the WWE Title. Owens and Zayn jab each other about losing.

12. After the match, Renee asks Zayn if his friendship with Owens is over. Zayn says nope. This is all about opportunity. Owens’ has had many. Owens’ has held titles while Zayn has been overlooked. Next week Zayn will be known as the man who beat Kevin Owens. Then he is going to be the next WWE Champion.

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