WWE SmackDown Live 30 October 2018 Results Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 30 October 2018 Results Highlights Written Updates :- On tonights episode of SmackDown Live we have seen a Styles vs Bryan WWE Championship match happening in the beginning of the show also Samoa Joe makes a return, Becky Lynch issues a challenge to Rowdy Ronda Rousey and  an awesome Tag Team match ended the show. Full details related to all this and more in the article further.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live starts with an In-Ring segment featuring AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan :

Styles says he has something he needs to get off his chest. Styles wants to say it to Daniel Bryan’s face. Bryan joins Styles in the ring. Styles apologizes to Bryan for what happened last week. Bryan says there is no need. Bryan says when he looks at Styles he doesn’t see a friend, he only sees the WWE Championship. The only thing Bryan only cares about the WWE championship. Styles says that’s good to know because Bryan didn’t let him finish.

That Pelé kick from last week wasn’t an accident, it was meant for Bryan. Styles looks forward to doing it again at Crown Jewel. Bryan basically says duh. Bryan says he wants to punch Styles in the face. Styles tells Bryan to do it. Styles wants to defend the title right here, right now. Shane McMahon comes out on the stage. Shane books the match to start right now!


1. AJ Styles (c) defeated Daniel Bryan in a Singles Match for WWE Championship

2. Big E. w/The Brood Day defeated Cesaro w/Sheamus and Big Show in a Trick Or Street Fight

3. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeated R-Truth w/Carmella in a Singles Match for United States Championship

4. Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy defeated The Miz and Randy Orton in a Tag Team Match


1. After the match, Bryan and Styles shake hands. Samoa Joe attacks Styles from behind. Joe puts Styles in the Coquina Clutch. Bryan attacks Joe. Joe takes out Bryan’s knee. Joe puts Bryan in the Coquina Clutch. Joe picks up the WWE Championship and poses with it.

2. Backstage, Paige tells Charlotte Flair that her match against Becky Lynch was awesome. Paige asks Flair if she will be the captain of the Smackdown Woman’s team at Survivor Series. Flair says she doesn’t think she is the right woman for the job. Paige asks Flair to just think about it.

3. The New Day enters the arena dressed as the Brood.

4. Backstage, Shane tells Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, and the Miz if any of them make it to the finals of the world up and lose to a Raw superstar they will no longer have a spot on the Smackdown Roster.

5. Backstage, Styles asks Paige to give him Joe at Crown Jewel. Paige makes the title match.

6. Becky Lynch says she won. Lynch is the last woman standing. At the end of the night, everyone knew who was the real main event. Beating Flair Sunday proved that Lynch is the man. Lynch says she wants Ronda Rousey. Lynch says she traveled the world to smash people like Rousey.

7. Backstage, Joe says he never said he was done with AJ Styles. Friday, Joe will write their final chapter.

8. After the match, Orton RKOs Hardy. Mysterio springboards off the top rope and eats a mid-air RKO. Miz pats Orton on the back. Orton promptly RKOs Miz

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