WWE SmackDown Live 3 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 3 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Another episode of WWE SmackDown Live has just been concluded folks and tonight we have seen Team Hell No in their first match ever since their return also Asuka faced James Ellworth, Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce and AJ Styles faced Aiden English in a singles contest.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live begins with an In-Ring Segment featuring Team Hell No

Daniel Bryan says the great thing about his with Kane relationship is they may fight, but when they are together they are unbeatable. Kane says they are back and better than ever. Renee Young asks Kane why decided to come back. Kane says he knows that Bryan has a temper and after what happened with the Bludgeon Brothers he knew Bryan was going to do something stupid. No matter what happens, Bryan always has a demon in Kane. Bryan says not always. Kane says what? Bryan just says he is excited to be back with Kane and they will be the next Smackdown tag team champions. Bryan says the last time he and Kane were in the ring they were enemies. Kane says that’s in the past they were always friends. Bryan says Kane tried to end his career.

Kane tombstoned him on the announce table. Kane says they need to focus on what unites them. Bryan reminds Kane that Kane tried to abduct Bryan’s wife. Kane says he has always had Bryan’s back. Kane and Bryan yell yes and no at each other. The Usos come out and say hello to Bryan and Kane. Jimmy says the tag team division is about to get hot. Jimmy and Jey point out that Kane and Bryan don’t deserve a tag title shot. The Usos have the tag team division on lock. Jimmy and Jey say Team Hell No! got a tag team title shot because they hugged? The Usos hug each other four times. Jey says he guess they get four tag team title matches now. Bryan challenges the Usos to a match. Kane says they will take it under advisement. Paige come out and books Team Hell No! vs the Usos. If the Usos win the tag title match at Extreme Rules becomes a triple threat.


1. Jeff Hardy defeated The Miz in a United States Championship Open Challenge:

2. Asuka vs James Ellsworth singles match ended in a No Contest

3. AJ Styles defeated Aiden English in a singles match

4. Becky Lynch defeated Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay in a womens singles match

5. Team Hell No defeated The Usos in a tag team Match


1. Backstage, Jeff Hardy says… stuff about the symbol that is the eagle. Hardy carries this symbol with great pride. The challenge is now, open.

2. Backstage, Asuka says it doesn’t matter if she faces a man or a woman. They will all feel the pain. Ellsworth isn’t ready for ASUKA!

3. Backstage, James Ellsworth says he just better than any women who weren’t ready for Asuka. Tonight, Asuka will learn the Mella is money and Ellsworth is exquisite.

4. Byron Sexton gives each member of New Day an intro. Each member of New Day will have five minutes to eat as many pancakes as they can. Kingston’s pancakes are blue, Woods are white, Big E.’s are red. As the competition starts the lights go out and SAnitY’s music hits. SAnitY attacks New Day from behind. Woods is sent face first into the leg of a table. Dain launches Big E. into the ring steps. Dain picks up Big E. and sends him flying over the announce desk. Young elbow drops Woods through a table.

5. After the match, Asuka chases Ellsworth back into the arena. Carmella sends Asuka into the barricade.
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6. Backstage, Bryan tells Kane they need to get on the same page. Kane needs to apologize. Kane says for what? Bryan reads a list of all the things Kane has done to him. Kane apologizes for everything. Kane says Bryan is like a brother to him. Bryan reminds Kane that Kane set his own brother on fire. Kane says never mind that. Kane tells Bryan they have to be on the same page to defeat the Usos. If they pull it together THEY will be the tag team champions. Kane ask Bryan is ready for the Usos. Bryan says YES!

7. AJ Styles says he is going to be defending his title against someone who is bigger and stronger than me. What else new. Styles says this isn’t rental property, this is the house the AJ Styles built. Rusev and Aiden English interrupt. Rusev says he is getting his title shot on his day, Rusev Day.

8. After the match, Rusev pulls Styles out fo the ring and beats him down. Machka Kick by Rusev. Rusev sends Styles back into the ring. Rusev puts Styles in the Accolade.

9. Backstage, the IIconics say they are going to beat Becky Lynch.

10. Backstage, Paige tells Ellsworth he is going to face Asuka again next week. It’s going to be a lumberjack match.

11. After the match, The Bludgeon Brothers music hits they came and stared at Team Hell No

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