Feb 23, 2020

WWE SmackDown Live 29th August 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 29th August 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Tonight another superb episode of SmackDown Live has been concluded where we have witnessed Orton & Nakamura Team Up against Jinder Mahal and Rusev in Main Event, Kevin Owens Responds to Shane McMahon, US Title Open Challenge announced by AJ Styles and Tamina Snuka started her journey to SD Women’s title with Lana.

Todays episode of SmackDown Live begins with Tom Phillips welcoming us to Smackdown Live from Little Rock, Arkansas alongside JBL and Byron Saxton. Just announced, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will team with Rusev to take on Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura in tonight’s main event, plus the fallout of Kevin Owens losing his final chance at the United States title and more.


1. CHAD GABLE & SHELTON BENJAMIN defeated THE ASCENSION in a tag team match

2. AJ STYLES (c) defeated TYE DILLINGER in a US Title Open Challenge match

3. BOBBY ROODE vs. MIKE KANELLIS in a singles match

4. AIDEN ENGLISH defeated SAMI ZAYN in a singles match

5. THE USOS defeated THE NEW DAY in a tag team match

6. TAMINA SNUKA defeated a LOCAL JOBBER in a womens singles match

7. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA & RANDY ORTON defeated JINDER MAHAL & RUSEV in a tag team match


1. Nakamura enters the ring and immediately starts brawling with the champion ‘Jinder Mahal’ but is quickly brought down by a three-on-one mugging. Right on cue Randy Orton sprints to the ring like a bat out of hell, but he’s met with a superkick from Rusev who came out of nowhere. Mahal laid out Nakamura with the Khallas as the quartet of villains stand over their victims.

2. Next week in the Smackdown main event, Randy Orton takes on Shinsuke Nakamura where the winner gets a future shot at the WWE Championship!

3. Baron Corbin is interviewed about “squandering” his Money in the Briefcase, and freaks out about John Cena screwing him out of it with a smile on his face. He said that AJ Styles promised him a shot in the Open Challenge so he plans on becoming the new United States Champion, which gets a big round of boos from the crowd.

4. United States Champion AJ Styles made his way out and mocked Kevin Owens for losing his final opportunity at his title, but is glad to finally be rid of him. With that, it’s time to reopen the United States Championship Open Challenge! Tye Dillinger makes his way out to good pop from the fans, but Baron Corbin comes out and gets in his face, screaming at him that it’s his night and his opportunity. The two eventually come to blows and Dillinger shakes him off, hitting the ring and demanding the referee ring the bell.

5. Styles won a very quick match to retain with the Calf Crusher, after interference from Baron Corbin. It lasted maybe a minute. After the bout, Corbin threw Dillinger into the barricade multiple times. He hit the ring and attacked Styles, but the champion battled back and laid him out with the Phenomenal Forearm, standing tall to end the segment.

6. Owens joined commentary and immediately screamed at Byron Saxton to shut his mouth and not talk for the rest of the match. Apparently there a match that went on for several minutes, but the focus was completely on Owens losing his mind over Shane McMahon screwing him over. He got mad at the referee for yelling at English and hit the ring, ripping the jersey off the official and putting it on himself. Sami Zayn got in his face wanting to know what he was doing, so Owens murdered him with a pop-up powerbomb. English made the cover and KO counted the quickest three in history.

7. Renee Young asks Shane McMahon about what just happened with Kevin Owens. Shane says that obviously the match doesn’t count and it will be stricken from the record books. He claims Owens got in his car and left the arena, which is exactly what he’s about to do. Why is the Commissioner just dipping out of his own show early?

8. Dolph Ziggler is fired up backstage. He trashes Little Rock and continues to complain about the state of WWE today, saying he’s been the best wrestler in the world for the last 10 years and nobody ever recognizes him. He asks if he should start driving a crappy four-wheeler to the ring like Stone Cold, or play a guitar badly like Elias Samson, or cover him in paint so the world forgets he doesn’t have any natural charisma like Finn Balor. Damn. He says John Cena’s gesture doesn’t mean anything, and maybe he should bring a hot chick to the ring with him because that’s all the fans seem to care about. But we’re going to have to wait yet another week to see what Ziggler has in store for us…

9. Carmella and James Ellsworth argue backstage about him revealing their secret plans to Natalya last week. Apparently he sent her some flowers that he stole from a funeral. Nattie shows up and says that if she ever tries to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on her, she’ll make her the Baron Corbin of the women’s division. She announces that it’ll be Natalya vs. Carmella next week. Naomi shows up and says it’ll be a difficult two weeks ahead for the champion, because after she gets done with Carmella she’ll have to put her belt on the line in a SummerSlam rematch.

10. Lana came out and did formal introductions to bring out her new client, the most dominant woman in the world and the future women’s champion…. Tamina Snuka. The bell rings and Lana yells “TAMINA! CRUSH!” prompting Snuka to end the life of a poor, helpful local jobber. She got the win in about 30 seconds with a superkick.

11. RANDY ORTON hits SHINSUKE NAKAMURA with a RKO after winning the tag team match against JINDER MAHAL and RUSEV

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