Mar 30, 2020

WWE SmackDown Live 24 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 24 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- As the road to Summerslam 2018 continues tonight another episode of SmackDown Live has been aired and we have seen Miz and Maryse celebrating the premier of their their latest reality TV show also AJ Styles Summerslam opponent has been announced, Becky Lynch vs Carmella and a lot more.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live starts with an In-Ring Segment featuring Randy Orton

Daniel Bryan says the great thing about his with Kane relationship is they may fight, but when they are together they are unbeatable. Kane says they are back and better than ever. Renee Young asks Kane why decided to come back. Kane says he knows that Bryan has a temper and after what happened with the Bludgeon Brothers he knew Bryan was going to do something stupid. No matter what happens, Bryan always has a demon in Kane. Bryan says not always. Kane says what? Bryan just says he is excited to be back with Kane and they will be the next Smackdown tag team champions. Bryan says the last time he and Kane were in the ring they were enemies. Kane says that’s in the past they were always friends. Bryan says Kane tried to end his career.

Kane tombstoned him on the announce table. Kane says they need to focus on what unites them. Bryan reminds Kane that Kane tried to abduct Bryan’s wife. Kane says he has always had Bryan’s back. Kane and Bryan yell yes and no at each other. The Usos come out and say hello to Bryan and Kane. Jimmy says the tag team division is about to get hot. Jimmy and Jey point out that Kane and Bryan don’t deserve a tag title shot. The Usos have the tag team division on lock. Jimmy and Jey say Team Hell No! got a tag team title shot because they hugged? The Usos hug each other four times. Jey says he guess they get four tag team title matches now. Bryan challenges the Usos to a match. Kane says they will take it under advisement. Paige come out and books Team Hell No! vs the Usos. If the Usos win the tag title match at Extreme Rules becomes a triple threat.


1. Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega defeated Rusev w/Lana in a Singles Match

2. Samoa Joe defeated R-Truth in a Singles Match

3. Asuka defeated Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce in a womens singles match

4. Becky Lynch defeated Carmella in a womens singles match for SD Live Womens Title No. 1 Contender

5. The New Day defeated SAnitY in a tag team tournament Match


1. Backstage, R-Truth is complaining to Tye Dillinger about having to face Samoa Joe tonight. R-Truth asks Dillinger if he remembers what Joe did to Dillinger last week. Before Dillinger can answer R-Truth says, of course, Dillinger doesn’t remember because he was sleep. Dillinger tries to give R-Truth a pep talk.

2. Backstage, English and Lana argue. Rusev says enough. Rusev tells Lana and English that maybe neither of them are good for Rusev Day.

3. Backstage, Asuka says Billie Kay isn’t ready for Asuka.

4. Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura says Hardy was so close but Nakamura is STILL U.S. Champion. Nakamura asks Hardy if he can hear him. Nakamura says Hardy got bit by the viper but Orton better be careful becasue Nakamura bites back.

5. Backstage, Miz and family are having a photoshoot.

6. Paige fired James Ellsworth

7. Samoa Joe puts Joe AJ Styles in the Coquina Clutch. Joe puts Styles to sleep. Joe signs the contract and flips the table over.

8. Backstage, Paige yells at Joe for what he just did. Paige picked Joe to wrestle Styles because he was unpredictable. Joe says what Paige had planned was pedestrian. What Joe just did was… phenomenal!

9. Carmella walks up to Paige and complains about Paige’s power has gone to her head. Paige tells Carmella to go buy herself a new boyfriend. Carmella says she beat Charl… well you know.

10. Backstage, Harper says four teams will fight but it doesn’t matter who wins. Rowen says the same thing awaits the winner- a bludgeoning.

11. The Usos get into the ring. The Bar appears on the stage. Sheamus says they are back.

12. Backstage, Miz complains to Paige. Paige was supposed to get Miz and Maryse a sitter. Paige says she did. The camera pans right and Sin Cara is standing there. Miz asks what kind of babysitter wears a mask? Miz says never mind. It’s time the world meets Monroe Sky. Miz fumbles putting on a Baby Bjorn and they make their way to the ring.

13. Bryan comes out to the ring. Security stops Bryan from getting to the ring. Bryan takes ou the security. Miz and Maryse both remind Bryan that the baby is in the ring. Maryse pleads with Bryan to leave.

14. Miz tosses the baby at Bryan. Miz kicks Bryan in the face and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz says he knew Bryan would try to steal Miz’s moment. Miz would never actually bring his daughter to a city like this. The baby backstage was an actor. The Miz says the show is awesome and leaves.

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