WWE SmackDown Live 22nd August 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 22nd August 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Just a day after SummerSlam 2017 the latest episode of SmackDown Live has just been ended where we have seen the return of Shelton Benjamin also Nakamura taking on the Singh Brothers and Kevin Owens getting a last chance at the US Title a lot more has happened about which we will talk in the article below.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live starts with United States Champion AJ Styles kicked off the show to an incredible reaction from the Brooklyn crowd. He welcomed everyone to Smackdown Live, the house that AJ Styles built, and the entire arena chanted it along with him. He announced that the United States Open Challenge was effectively reinstated, and out came a very angry looking Kevin Owens. AJ cut off his music and yelled that this wasn’t happening, and that things between them were done. KO claimed he wasn’t beaten at SummerSlam, because once again a McMahon screwed a legendary Canadian out of his title.

Shane McMahon made his way to the ring and got in between the two superstars, dancing around as both guys looked like they wanted to take a shot at him. Shane said that he called the match at SummerSlam right down the middle, and Styles won the match fair and square. Owens took offense to that, and questioned how he could survive a helicopter crash, but barely get back up after being barely grazed by a 450 splash. He rolled footage of Shane making the three-count on Sunday even though AJ’s foot was on the ropes. Owens brought up the hypocrisy in him getting his shoulders up several weeks ago and that terrible referee’s decision standing. They went back and forth screaming about how the three-count should or should not have mattered, until Styles told them both to shut up.

AJ called KO a “whiny ass little bitch” and said if he really wants to do this again, he’d put the title on the line just to finally shut him up. Shane said it went against his better judgement but he agreed if the champion wanted to defend he wasn’t going to stand in the way. Owens said that wasn’t enough because he had been screwed over by two different referees and demanded that he get to pick the special guest referee. Styles said there was a 5-year-old in the front row that could probably count to three, and it didn’t matter who the ref was, so it looks like that’s our main event.


1. Bobby Roode defeated Aiden English in a singles match

2. The Usos defeated The Hype Bro in a tag team match

3. Shinsuke Nakamura defeated The Singh Brothers in a handicap match

4. Naomi and Becky Lynch defeated Natalya and Carmella in a womens tag team match

5. AJ Styles (c) defeated Kevin Owens in a singles match for US Title with Special Referee: Baron Corbin


1. Kevin Owens gets a chance to pick the special guest referee for his US Title match against AJ Styles.

2. Daniel Bryan booked the Singh brothers in a handicap match with Shinsuke Nakamura tonight.

3. Kevin Owens approached Sami Zayn backstage and asked him to put aside everything between them in the past, and be the special guest referee for tonight’s title match. Sami said that they’ve been fighting for so long that he’s almost forgot what they’re fighting about. Owens asked him to think about it, since he obviously isn’t doing anything else on Smackdown these days.

4. The former NXT Champion has arrived on Smackdown Live! Bobby Roode made his way down to the ring and English took offense, yelling that Smackdown was his stage. Roode raised his hands and a massive “GLORIOUS” chant broke out.

5. Renee Young hit the ring to interview the brand new Smackdown aquistion. Roode congratulated Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon for breaking the bank and cashing in on the hottest free agent in WWE history. He said that if you don’t know by now you’re about to find out, everything he does means big box office ratings. Roode said that Smackdown has already been great, but from now on it will simply be… GLORIOUS!

6. Daniel Bryan was on his phone again. Chad Gable came in and Bryan said he was sorry for trading his tag team partner to Monday Night Raw. That being said, it wasn’t just a one-sided trade. In exchange for trading Jason Jordan to Raw.

7. Kurt Angle helped him sign one of his close personal friends to Smackdown! Bryan said this particular person would make a great tag team partner… SHELTON BENJAMIN has arrived! Gable lost his mind and said that he’d followed Shelton since his college wrestling days, and couldn’t wait to be tag team partners. Shelton is almost a foot taller than Gable. He’s enormous by comparison. The former “Gold Standard” looked hesitant about this tag team, but went along with it anyways.

8. Kevin Owens once again approached Sami Zayn and this time handed him a referee shirt. Sami said that he did think about it (in the ten minutes since that segment) and then he remembered all the numerous times he’s been attacked, stabbed in the back, and had the crap beaten out of him by Owens. He threw the ref shirt on the ground and said Owens is going to need help tonight, but he won’t be getting it from him.

9. Before they made like chips and dip… The Usos wanted to remind everyone that they had the entire Smackdown live tag team division on lock. They sent a message to every tag team in the locker room and said they were all members of the Uso Penitentiary.

10. Jinder Mahal attacked Shinsuke with a shot from the WWE Championship after the match. He lined up for his finisher, but Nakamura fought his way back and laid out the champion with the Kinshasa. He left all three of them laying in a heap in the ring.

11. The Fashion Police popped out of nowhere and scared Kevin Owens. They were wearing pink rompers with pineapples all over them. Fandango wanted to be the special guest referee…s, because they would make damn sexy zebras. Owens freaked out and screamed at them to leave. He looked like he was going to change his mind out of desperation, but Baron Corbin showed up and offered to be the referee. The only condition is that if KO wins the title back, Corbin gets the first shot.

12. The new Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya made her way to the ring. She said that SummerSlam will forever be the day that the GLOW got unplugged. She said that she was the new and forever women’s champion, and that it was finally her time to shine in WWE. Carmella made her way out with James Ellsworth, and said she had a tiny, tic-tac of a thing to bring up. Carmella said that it might be Nattie’s time, but she’s on her watch, and the second she decides to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Ellsworth mocked Natalya for agreeing to be tag team partners with Carmella tonight, because all it takes is one little cash-in and she’ll no longer be relevant.

13. Welcome back… Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff said that it’s good to be back… in a backstage segment. He sarcastically thanked WWE for rolling out the red carpet for him. Ziggler said while he was gone he was watching a lot of Raw and Smackdown and now he understands what it takes to be a star. He mocked everyone, saying that maybe he’ll start singing, or he’ll start playing the guitar, or get a giant obnoxious robe, or find a super hot woman that glows in the dark, with lasers, because that’s what the WWE Universe wants. He said he’s going to do all of that…next week.

Um… can this be an actual thing? Dolph Ziggler’s new gimmick should be the Robot Unicorn Attack of WWE.

14. Lana is on the phone in the locker room. WHY IS EVERYONE ALWAYS ON THE PHONE!? She thanked whoever she was talking to, and Tamina Snuka came in asking what’s going on this week. She confirmed that the Ravishing Journey to the Championship begins next week. She tells Tamina to closer her eyes and think about being in a locker room full of people, and seeing all those people completely ignoring her. She goes on and on about how irrelevant and transparent she has been for years, and makes her channel her inner anger from all those terrible situations. Lana says next week the journey begins, and she will crush the competition and burry the bullies.

15. The announcers put over that Kevin Owens will never get another shot at the US title while AJ Styles is champion. Shane and Styles posed in the ring and celebrated as KO watched on from the ramp, looking like he was about to legitimately murder everyone in Brooklyn.

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