WWE SmackDown Live 22 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 22 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Another awesome SmackDown Live episode has been aired tonight folks and we have seen Daniel Bryan going one on one against Jeff Hardy, Two Womens MITB Qualifying matches also Andrade Cien Almas in action about all of this we will give you complete details further in this article.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live starts with an In-Ring Segment featuring The Miz

Miz says he has two huge things to tell us. First, on July 24th he new docu-series will debut on USA right after Smackdown Live! Miz’s guest tonight is the New Day! Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E. join Miz in the ring. Miz notes that one member of the New Day will be in the MITB match.
A “who?” chant breaks out. Big E. say they shouldn’t keep the people waiting anymore. Each member sings “It’s gonna be me”. Miz says he thinks each member of New Day is holding each other back. Woods notes all of Miz’s accomplishments. Woods refers to Miz as a living legend. Woods says that the one thing that no one likes about Miz is that no matter what is happening Miz always makes sure that Miz comes first. Miz says Woods can says whatever he wants but Miz has already won MITB match. Miz says Kingston has been in six MITB matches and hasn’t won one yet. Miz says Big E. has every tool needed to be a champion but Big E. will never be taken seriously because Big E. doesn’t take himself seriously. Miz says Woods is someone who takes himself very seriously. Woods built an empire on Youtube all by himself.

Each of them has the chance to be one of the greatest champions in history. Miz asks them one more time who it’s gonna be. Woods says he feels like it has to be Big E. Big E. says it has to be Kingston. Kingston says it should be Woods. Miz goes nuts and says he brought them out here to get the scoop and he can beat any one of them any day of the week. New Day huddles up. Kingston says it’s going to be Big E. Miz tries to announce Big E. as being in the MITB match. Woods cuts Miz off and says they weren’t talking about MITB they were talking about tonight. Miz says if he doesn’t get what he wants, they don’t get what they want. Miz says he will see one of them at MITB. Each member of New Day tosses a pancake at Miz while saying, “shame!” Backstage, Miz runs into Paige. Paige tells Miz to go back to the ring right now.


1. The Miz defeated Big E. w/New Day in a singles match

2. Lana w/Aiden English defeated Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce in a Womens Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

3. Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega defeated an Unnamed Opponent in a singles match

4. Gallows and Anderson defeated The Usos in a tag team match

5. Naomi defeated Sonya Deville w/Mandy Rose in a Womens Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

6. Daniel Bryan defeated Jeff Hardy in a singles match with stipulation Winner Faces Samoa Joe Next Week For The Last Spot In the MITB Match


1. Big Cass is shown walking on crutches backstage.

2. Backstage, Daniel Bryan says he treats every single match like it’s the biggest match of his career. Tonight Bryan is going to get in the ring with a legend. Tonight, Bryan is going to tap a legend out.

3. Backstage, Carmella has on an Asuka mask. Carmella says since she beat Charlotte twice that makes her twice as good as Asuka. Asuka should be afraid of Carmella.

4. Nakamura stands on the announce desk and says that he will face AJ Styles in a last man standing match at Money in the Bank 2018.

5. Backstage, Jeff Hardy says he is super excited to face Bryan tonight. Hardy is getting chills even thinking about it.

6. Samoa Joe is out for commentary for the next match.

7. After the match between Bryan vs Jeff, Samoa Joe gets in the ring and says he doesn’t know why Bryan is celebrating because next week Bryan has to face him. Joe walks away.

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