WWE SmackDown Live 2 October 2018 Results Highlights Written Updates

WWE SmackDown Live 2 October 2018 Results Highlights Written Updates :- The go-home show of WWE Blue Brand SD Live has happened tonight and we have watched Charlotte Flair getting an upper hand on Becky Lynch, Paige almost firing Samoa Joe also a singles match between Daniel Bryan and Shelton Benjamin and a lots more.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live kicks off with an In-Ring Segment featuring Paige

Paige says last week Samoa Joe crossed the line. Paige tells us that the Styles family is fine and charges for trespassing have been filed against Joe. Paige spoke with WWE management and Joe should be fired. Before Paige fires Joe, she gave Styles a call to check in. Styles dropped the charges against Joe and Styles begged Paige not to fire Joe. The WWE title match between Styles and Joe is on. Paige says Styles has a message for the WWE Universe. Styles says he is at home with his family and isn’t sure he would be able to perform tonight if he were at the show. Styles doesn’t want to get emotional and do something he may regret. Styles says Joe isn’t coming back from the land down under because that is where Styles is going to put Joe.


1. Fabulous Truth defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega in a Mixed Tag Team Match

2. Tye Dillinger vs Randy Orton Singles Match ended in a no contest

3. Shelton Benjamin defeated Daniel Bryan in a Singles Match

4. Asuka w/Naomi defeated Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay in a Womens Singles Match


1. Backstage, Tye Dillinger asks Paige for Randy Orton. Paige begrudgingly gives Dillinger the match.

2. The New Day are in the ring… making pancakes. The Bar interrupt. The Bar says they are actually here to help. Sheamus knocks over the table. The Bar takes out the New Day. Sheamus and Cesaro stalk Mr. Bootyworth (yep- that’s a thing I just typed). Sheamus and Cesaro put pancake batter in Mr. Bootyworth’s hat and put it on his head. Cesaro dumps the rest of the pancake batter on top of Mr. Bootyworth.

3. Aiden English plays a video of him singing into his phone camera. Someone knocks on the door. English answers the door and it’s Lana. Lana says she is going to make this quick.

4. Lana says she wants to tell English something and she thinks it’s important to say it out loud. Lana says “I want you” and the video cuts out. English says he wants to show us the rest but he can’t due to legal obligations.

5. English says he is talking to TMZ. Lana tries to explain to Rusev that there is more. That’s not the whole video. Rusev goes nuts and runs after English.

6. Backstage, Lana tries to speak to Rusev. Rusev says they aren’t doing this right now. Rusev is looking for English backstage.

7. After the match, Miz works over Bryan’s now injured ribs.

8. Becky Lynch says at SummerSlam she stop waiting and took what was hers. The best thing about Smackdown Live is the Women’s champ. Lynch will strike first and strike often. Lynch shows footage of her numerous beatdowns of Charlotte Flair.

9. Becky Lynch further says she still isn’t on the magazine covers or the cups or whatever. Come Saturday, Lynch is going to prove it’s her face, the champ’s face, that should be on the cover of everything. In fact, Lynch went to the trouble of designing a new poster for Super Show-Down. Lynch reveals a poster with her standing on Flair.

10. Charlotte Flair runs down to the ring and attacks Lynch. FLair suplexes Lynch into the poster. FLair puts Lynch in the figure eight.

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