WWE SmackDown Live 17 September 2019 Results Highlights Written Details

WWE SmackDown Live 17 September 2019 Results Highlights Written Details :- Tonights episode of SmackDown Live takes place at State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA and we have watched Erick Rowan in a sit down interview also Charlotte Flair faces Sasha Banks in a singles match and Coronation of King Corbin.

Tonights episode of SmackDown Live begins with a 6 man tag team match featuring The New Day vs The Revival and Randy Orton :


  1. The New Day defeated The Revival and Randy Orton in a 6 man tag team Match
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Mustafa Ali Singles Match ended in a No Contest
  3. Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks in a Womens Match via DQ
  4. Heavy Machinery defeated The B Team in a Tag Team Match


  1. After The New Day won their tag team match against Orton and The Revival, Brock Lesnar music hits and he comes with Paul Heyman. Both Xavier Woods and Big E leaves the ring and Heyman & Lesnar entered the ring. Paul Heyman issues a challenge to Kofi Kingston for a match for the Universal Title against Brock Lesnar at SmackDown Live debut on FOX on Oct 4th.
  2. Kofi Kingston accepts Paul Heyman challenge after which Brock Lesnar hits Kingston with a F5.
  3. In a sit down interview with Erick Dowan, Michael Cole asked Rowan why your friend Luke Harper chose this time to return then Rowan calls Roman Reigns a scared man. Erick Rowan further says I am not a puppet, not a follower. I am a leader. Erick Rowan adds that I am far superior to Daniel Bryan and he needs then learn how to respect me.
  4. Sami Zayn came out before Shinsuke Nakamura entrance and asks everyone for respect. Zayn brings out Nakamura giving an incredible introduction for him. Nakamura comes out. Zayn says that several weeks ago Ali you defeated Nakamura but that was before he partenered with Zayn so its not the same man. Sami Zayn says Ali you will never be a champion.
  5. Kevin Owens comes out from the crowd and he sits in the audience while Shane McMahon watching on TV.
  6. Backstage a person came and gave some documents to Shane McMahon saying you’ve been served.
  7. Shane McMahon comes with security guards and he has that document in his hands. Shane tells Owens to come in the ring and they gave him a mic. Security steps out. Owens filed a termination lawsuit against Shane which says if he wins he will be paid 25 million dollars. Owens tells Shane to shut up. He says his case is strong. Owens further adds after hitting me in referee role you fired me. Crowd and Owens chants you tapped out.
  8. Kevin Owens says that Shane I will hit you where it hurts you the most your wallet and your pride. Owens adds when I win I will come back in the ring and look at you in the eyes saying Shane McMahon You’re Fired.
  9. Backstage Ric Flair was with his daughter Charlotte Flair.
  10. Hip Hop artist OFFSET comes and brings out 9 time Champion Queen Charlotte Flair.
  11. Both Bayley and Sasha Banks together attacked Charlotte Flair after which Carmella came to Charlotte’s rescue.
  12. Baron Corbin comes for the coronation and he wears the crown. Crowd boos and Corbin says its a breathe of fresh air. He is the king you needed as he is somebody you believe in. Corbin says he should be shown respect he deserves.
  13. Corbin calls out Chad Gable and then he insults him says you just come out short. Chad Gable attacks Corbin and beats him with scepter. Gable breaks the King Crown.
  14. Daniel Bryan comes out people chanted his name after which Bryan says I’ve never liked you. Bryan says I am here to talk about Erick Rowan and says he saw Rowan. I saw how special he was and when he won tag team title I treated him as my friend.
  15. Erick Rowan came says stop as I am tired of hearing you speak. Have you ever asked me how I felt about anything. I will not be disrespected. Bryan says you betrayed me. Luke Harper comes and attacks Bryan from behind both Harper and Rowan starts beating Bryan. Roman Reigns came to the rescue but the odds were against him. 
  16. Rowan and Harper beats the security guards by slamming them on exposed concrete. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper puts Daniel Bryan through a table.

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