Apr 1, 2020

WWE NXT 20 November 2019 Results Highlights Live TV Show Written Details

WWE NXT 20 November 2019 Results Highlights Live TV Show Written Details :- The NXT Go home show before War Games and Survivor Series has been aired tonight and we have seen Becky Lynch opening the show also an awesome singles contest between Matt Riddle and Ricochet. Some fabulous all out brawls between all the 3 brands men’s and women’s divisions.

Tonights episode of NXT Live starts with a Beckstage segment featuring William Regal and Becky Lynch :

Backstage, William Regal was standing in front of a closed locker room door. With security guards. The door swings open and Becky Lynch walks out. Regal and Lynch exchange smiles. Lynch stomps her way to the ring.

Becky Lynch says it’s been a while since the NXT Universe has watched her kicks someone’s ass live. Lynch takes off her leather jacket, Lynch says HHH sent out an open invitation but “The Man” was coming here tonight anyway. Lynch mentions that all Bayley has done is complain about being overshadowed. It isn’t Lynch fault that Bayley is a champ with Lynch is THE champ.

Lynch focuses on Shayna Baszler but the crowd drowns her out with “Shayna’s gonna kill you” chant. Lynch says she is here to remind Baszler exactly who the hell Lynch is. Lynch says Baszler can bring “Mary’ or “Jessica” if she doesn’t feel safe. Rhea Ripley interrupts. Ripley says it’s time to see if The Man has a set of balls.

WWE NXT 20 Nov 2019 Match Card & Results

  1. Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley Womens Singles Match ended in a No Contest
  2. Kona Reeves vs. Matt Riddle Singles Match ended in a No Contest
  3. Matt Riddle defeated Ricochet in a Singles Match
  4. The Undisputed Era defeated The Revival in a Tag Team Match
  5. Kay Lee Ray defeated Dakota Kai in a Womens Singles Match
  6. The Viking Raiders defeated The Forgotten Sons in a Tag Team Maatch
  7. Adam Cole defeated Dominik Dijakovic in a Ladder Match with stipulation (Winner’s Team gets advantage during War Games)

WWE NXT 20 Nov 2019 Highlights

  1. Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir hits the ring and attack Lynch and Ripley.
  2. After the match between Lynch and Ripley, Becky Lynch saves Rhea Ripley from a running knee by Baszler. Lynch and Ripley fight off Duke and Shafir.
  3. Backstage, The Revival arrive. Security escorts them into the arena.
  4. As Kona Reeves makes his way to the ring, Ricochet appears out and dropkicks Reeves. Ricochet gets in the ring. Matt Riddle makes his way to the ring. The referee rings the bell.
  5. After the match between Riddle and Ricochet, Ricochet springboards off the top rope into the crowd to take out Cesaro. Nakamura almost hits the Kinshasa on Riddle but Roderick Strong appears out of nowhere and attacks Nakamura. Finn Bálor attacks Riddle. Riddle knees Bálor in the face. Bálor escapes out of the ring.
  6. Backstage, The Viking Raiders were being held back by the security.
  7. After the match between Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai, the Smackdown women’s team hits the ring and attacks Kai and Ray. Team RAW and Team NXT both hit the ring. Sane hits the inSANE elbow on Nox. Sane and Shirai go face-to-face. Sarah Logan ruins the moment by attacking Shirai. Nikki Cross runs to ringside and lays everyone out with trash can lid shots.
  8. After the ladder match, before the rest of the Undisputed Era tries to join Cole in the ring. RAW and SmackDown superstars cut them off. Drew McIntyre hops the barricade. McIntyre Claymore kicks Dijakovic. Keith Lee sneaks up behind McIntyre and hits the Spirit Bomb. Ivar and Lee both dive out of the ring, taking everyone out. The only person left in the ring is Cole. Seth Rollins slides in the ring and superkicks Cole. Tommaso Ciampa walks down the ramp. Rollins and Ciampa lock eyes. Ciampa knees Cole in the head before getting in the ring. Ciampa and Rollins brawl as the show fades to black.

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