WWE Monday Night RAW 7 June 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

WWE Monday Night RAW 7 June 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- In the latest episode of Monday Night RAW we have seen a lot of new developements taking place as former SmackDown GM Teddy Long makes an appearance also the reaction oh John Cena on the attack by The Club previous week and Road to MITB 2016 continues.


Tonight episode of Monday Night RAW starts with Dean Ambrose making his way to the ring. It seems the Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Alberto Del Rio, and Cesaro are already in the ring, sitting on ladders. Owens says he is going to win and the other competitors should be honored to witness him winning. Ambrose asks if they can stop talking and get to the fighting. Owens says when he wins the contract he will not give any of them shots at his WWE title. Zayn says this isn’t a joke and when he wins the contract and the WWE title he will give anyone a shot. Ambrose says this all fine and well. Owens doesn’t want to fight anyone and Zayn will fight anyone. Ambrose adds that he will fight anyone- a polar bear, the mole people, it doesn’t matter. Del Rio calls everyone in the ring a dog in Spanish and lets Zayn know that he is nothing but a paper boy. Jericho says MITB is his match.

Cesaro asks if it’s his match how come Jericho has never won one? Jericho says he did win one. Zayn asks Jericho which one. Jericho says it was the first one. No, the sixth one. In Appleton… Jericho says it doesn’t matter which one it was. Jericho adds that they should all shut up and enjoy the gift of Jericho. Ambrose climbs Jericho’s ladder and punches him off of it. A huge brawl breaks out. Teddy Long comes out and says that he wants to run Smackdown. Teddy lists the matches he would make if he was in control. Stephanie McMahon walks out on the ramp and asks Long what he is doing there. Stephanie tells him to leave. Stephanie puts all of the MITB competitors in single matches against each other tonight.

WWE Raw 7 June 2016 Match Card & Results

1. Antonio Cesaro defeated Chris Jericho in a singles match

2. Rusev defeated Jack Swagger in a singles match

3. The Vaudevillains defeated Enzo and Big Cass in a tag team match via disqualification

4. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sami Zayn in in a singles match

5. Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens in a divas singles match

6. Tyler Breeze w/Fandango vs R-Truth w/Goldust ended in a no contest

7. Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, and Cesaro defeated Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio in a 6 man tag team match

8. The Club defeated The New Day in a 6 man tag team match

WWE Monday Night RAW 7 June 2016 Highlights

1. Teddy Long returns at WWE RAW but made a joke out of himself

2. RAW kick off with all the MITB 2016 Contenders sitting on ladders

3. The New Day backs John Cena against The Club at Monday Night RAW

4. Kevin Owens attacks Dean Ambrose from behind after getting defeated by him at Monday Night RAW

5. Stephanie McMahon is going to be the new general manager of SmackDown

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