WWE Monday Night RAW 6 Jan 2020 Results Highlights Written Updates

WWE Monday Night RAW 6 Jan 2020 Results Highlights Written Updates :- The Beast Brock Lesnar is back on the red brand as 3 hour episode of WWE RAW has already been aired tonight and Paul Heyman made a major announcement regarding Royal Rumble 2020 match. Andrade defends his US Championship in a rematch against Mysterio also Charlotte faces Sarah Logan in Women’s singles action. There are a lot more events which took place in the 3 hours of RAW about which we will discuss in detail further.

Tonights episode of Monday Night RAW kicks off with an in-ring segment featuring Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman :

Paul Heyman says they are going to start the new year by making history. Heyman adds that Lesnar wondered allowed who will challenge him at the Royal Rumble. There isn’t one person on any brand worthy of facing him. Heyman list all of Lesnar’s legendary accomplishments.

Heyman says every challenger who wants a piece of him can have it at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar is officially entering the Royal Rumble. Lesnar isn’t just entering the Rumble, Lesnar is entering at number one. Lesnar will enter the ring first and he will be standing in the ring victorious last. This isn’t a prediction, it’s a spoiler.


  1. Andrade (c) w/Zelina Vega defeated Rey Mysterio in a Singles Match for US Championship
  2. The Viking Raiders (c) defeated The Street Profits and The OC in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match for RAW Tag Team Championship
  3. Erick Rowan defeated KJ Orso in a Singles Match
  4. AJ Styles defeated Akira Tozawa in a Singles Match
  5. Charlotte Flair vs Sarah Logan Womens Singles Match ended in a No Contest
  6. Drew McIntyre defeated No Way Jose in a Singles Match
  7. Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin in a Singles Match
  8. Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and The Big Show defeated Seth Rollins and AOP in a 6 Man Tag Team Match via DQ


  1. After the match between Andrade vs Mysterio, Andrade rips off Mysterio’s mask and gives it to Vega.
  2. Backstage, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe admit they don’t play well with others. Joe says he is a practical man. Joe knows when he needs back up. Joe challenges Seth Rollins and AOP to a match tonight. Owens looks confused. Joe tells Owens that he has a guy and not to worry about tonight.
  3. Backstage, Rollins says they live for challenges and are not worried about Joe’s challenge. No one stands by Owens or Joe. No one.
  4. Backstage, Owens asks Joe to tell him who the third man is. Joe tells Owens to follow him. Charly follows as well.
  5. After the break, Joe has Owens peek in a room. Owens has a huge smile on his face. Joe asks Owens if he is satisfied. Owens says, hell yes.
  6. Becky Lynch says Asuka seems to be the one woman she can’t seem to beat. Lynch shows footage from last year’s Royal Rumble. Asuka interrupts. Asuka screams at Lynch in Japanese. Lynch decks Asuka and walks away smiling.
  7. Backstage, Mojo Rawley asks Erick Rowan if he can look in the cage. Rowan tells Mojo to go for it. Rawley was horrified by what he sees.
  8. Backstage, a maskless Mysterio attacks Andrade. Mysterio takes his mask back.
  9. After the match between Rowan and Orso, Rowan drives Orso’s face into the cage. Orso’s face is covered in a red substance. Orso runs away screaming.
  10. Bobby Lashley officially marries Lana after which he challenges Rusev to a match next week on RAW with Lana in Lashley’s corner.
  11. Backstage, Charly congratulates R-Truth for winning the most championships in WWE history. Liv Morgan walks in and says she hears that Rusev is going to face Lashley next week. Morgan is going to be in Rusev’s corner.
  12. After the match between McIntyre vs Jose, McIntyre Claymore kicks Jose again. McIntyre grabs a mic and complains about never getting a shot at a world championship. McIntyre announces that he will enter into the Royal Rumble Match.
  13. After the match between Black vs Benjamin, Buddy Murphy attacks Aleister Black.
  14. Seth Rollins says they are going to take out anyone who impedes progress. Rollins is now the Monday Night Messiah.
  15. Big Show was Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens mystery partner
  16. After the 6 man tag team match, Big Show hits Seth Rollins with a knockout punch.

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