WWE Monday Night RAW 30 September 2019 Results Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 30 September 2019 Results Highlights Written Details :- The Season Premiere episode of Monday Night RAW has already been aired on the USA Network and we have watched 3 awesome championship matches also the Pyro is back and a new commentary trio team has taken over.

Tonights Season Premiere episode of Monday Night RAW begins with an in-ring segment featuring Rey Mysterio :

Rey says that tonights match is once again going to be dedicated to his son Dominic. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar interrupts Mysterio. Rey grabs mic away from Brock after which Brock hits Rey with back to back 2 F5’s. 

Mysterio son Dominic was sitting in the crowd and Brock had a stare down with Dominic. Brock picks Dominick from the crowd and hits him with the ring corner pole. Rey tries to save Brock but Brock F5’s Rey again. Brock then hits both Rey and Dominic with German Suplexes. Brock throws both Rey and Dominic out of the ring. Brock tears apart his shirt while crowd was abusing him.


  1. Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss in a Womens Singles Match
  2. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Heavy Machinery in a RAW Tag Team Championship Match
  3. Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton Singles Match ended in a No Contest
  4. The Viking Raiders defeated The OC in a Tag Team Match
  5. Ricochet defeated Cesaro in a Singles Match
  6. AJ Styles (c) defeated Cedric Alexander in a US Title Match
  7. Lacey Evans defeated Natalya in a Womens Singles Match
  8. Seth Rollins (c) vs Rusev Universal Title Match ended in a No Contest


  1. Becky Lynch joins the commentary team during Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss match.
  2. Becky Lynch had an in-ring brawl with Sasha Banks after which Banks ran away and Becky says that Sasha you made it personal but at Hell in a Cell I will make it painful for you.
  3. Backstage, Seth Rollins says all he can think about right now is what Lesnar did to Mysterio and Dominic. When it comes to Hell in a Cell, he has no idea how to gameplan for someone like The Fiend. Rollins says no matter what he will walk out of the PPV the Universal Champion.
  4. Miz welcomes his guest tonight, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Hogan is accompanied by Jimmy Hart. Flair tells Hogan that he is has been listening to Hogan’s music for 30 years and he is tired of it. Hogan Woos! in Flair’s face. Flair tells Hogan that he is better than him in the ring. Hogan tells Flair to bring it. Flair hits the ropes and Hogan points at him. Flair says he is just playing. Hogan tells Flair to admit neither of them are spring chickens anymore. The crowd chants one more match.
  5. Miz announces that at Crown Jewel Flair and Hogan will each captain five-man teams. Hogan announces that his team captain is Seth Rollins. Flair’s team captain is Randy Orton. Orton hits the ring and challenges Rollins to a match right here, right now.
  6. King Corbin hits the ring. Orton and Corbin beat down Rollins. Rusev hits the ring and takes out Orton and Corbin.
  7. Backstage, Charly Caruso asks Rusev where Lana is. Rusev just growls. Charly changes the subject. Rusev says he is the only one who stepped up to help Rollins. Rusev challenges Rollins to a Universal Championship match tonight.
  8. Backstage, Cesaro says he enjoyed what Lesnar did Mysterio and Dominic. In fact, Cesaro is mad that Lesnar took away Cesaro’s chance to beat the crap out of Dominic. Ricochet walks in and tells Cesaro to watch his mouth. Ricochet challenges Cesaro to a match.
  9. In the Firefly Funhouse Segment – All of Wyatt’s friends are scared and shaking. Rambling Rabbit says he is scared to death. Rambling Rabbit keels over and dies. Wyatt says oh well and tosses the rabbit’s corpse across the room. Wyatt’s friends are all scared about what the Fiend is going to do to Rollins in Hell in a Cell. Wyatt says he has a very bad feeling about what The Fiend is going to do to Rollins.
  10. Backstage, Heyman apologizes to Mysterio and Dominic. Heyman says everything that happened tonight is Vince McMahon’s fault. Lesnar is in fight mode and he is going to destroy Kofi Kingston on Smackdown. After Heyman walks way, Sasha Banks rips the mic out of Charly’s hand. Banks says there is no way a Man is going to beat her Sunday.
  11. Lana kisses Bobby Laashley standing on the entrance ramp while Rusev watches from the ring
  12. The Fiend attacks Seth Rollins with a mandible claw at the end of the show.

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