Jun 4, 2020

WWE Monday Night RAW 30 January 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 30 January 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details :- After a fabulous Royal Rumble 2017 PPV event last night another terrific episode of Monday Night RAW just been concluded today where we have seen Brock Lesnar challenging Goldberg for one last match also Strowman getting a shot at Universal Title also some awesome mixed tag team matches and women fights.


Tonight episode of Monday Night RAW starts with Owens re-introduces himself as the WWE Universal champion. Owens also announces Jericho as the United States champion as well. Owens says he proved everyone wrong last night. No one thought he would win, but he did. The list of people who thought he would lose is longer than the List of Jericho. The most important person Owens proved wrong is Raw General Manager Mick Foley. Owens adds that he is man enough to stand in the ring and thank the man who helped him. Owens thanked Jericho. Jericho’s moral support gave Owens what he needed to make it through. Owens notes that they have talked about him too much his accomplishments. It’s time to talk about the history that Jericho made last night.

Jericho is the greatest Royal Rumble competitor of all time. Jericho says he was in for four hours, fifty-six minutes and twelve seconds is the accumulative time Jericho has spent in the Royal Rumble match. Jericho was in the Rumble last night for sixty-one minutes last night. Jericho is the sixty-one-minute man. Jericho says the only reason he didn’t win the rumble is because he is suffering from a terrible case of vertigo from being in the shark cage last night.

Braun Strowman’s music hits and he walks to the ring. Owens says he is glad Strowman is here because Owens was about to thank him. Strowman says he didn’t come out here for Owens’ thanks. Strowman did what he did last night for two reasons: he hates Roman Reigns and two, he wants the title shot Owens’ promised him. Owens acts as if he has no idea what Strowman is talking about. Strowman says Owens’ offered him a shot and he has proof. Strowman shows a video on the ‘tron of Owens saying that Strowman is next in line. Owens says he doesn’t remember saying that. Strowman says Owens is going to give him the shot tonight or Strowman is going to break him in half.

Mick Foley comes out on the ramp and says he doesn’t appreciate what Strowman did last night, but after seeing the video at least he understands it now. Foley reiterates that Owens promised Strowman a title opportunity. Owens says Foley can’t expect someone to go through what he went through last and perform tonight. Foley tells Owens that he will face Strowman tonight for the Universal championship.

WWE RAW 30 January 2017 Match Card & Results

1. Sami Zayn defeated Chris Jericho in a singles match

2. Tony Neese defeated Mustafa Ali in a singles match

3. Cesaro, Sheamus, and Bayley vs Charlotte Flair, Gallows and Anderson in a 6 man mixed team team match

4. Braun Strowman defeated Kevin Owens in a singles match via disqualification

5. Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks in a women singles match via stoppage

6. Enzo and Big Cass defeated Handsom Rusev and Jinder Mahal in a tornado tag team match

WWE Monday Night RAW 30 January 2017 Highlights

1. Mick Foley announces that Kevin Owens will defend his Universal Title tonight against Braun Strowman

2. After the match between Tony Neese and Mustafa Ali, Austin Aries asks Neese what does he have to say to his critics that say he has no charisma? Neese doesn’t answer. Aries then asks what Neese has to say to the people who think Neese has great washboard abs, but talking to a washboard is more interesting than talking to him? Neese says he doesn’t have to answer questions from his critics and walks away.

3. Stephanie McMahon tells Seth Rollins that Triple H is on his way to the arena and is coming for Seth Rollins

4. Stephanie McMahon yells at Mick Foley for making the Universal title match later tonight

5. Bayley taunts Sasha Banks at Monday Night RAW

6. Roman Reigns interrupts Strowman vs Owens match and hits Owens then he spears both of them as well

7. Brock Lesnar challenges Goldberg for one last match at WrestleMania

8. Bayley came to help Sasha Banks after she got dominated by Nia Jax

9. Samoa Joe destroys Seth Rollins at Monday Night RAW

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