WWE Monday Night RAW 29 December 2015 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Episode

WWE Monday Night RAW 29 December 2015 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Episode :- After Samoan Bulldozer ‘Roman Reigns’ becomes new WWE World Heavyweight Champion about two weeks back by giving Chairman Vince McMahon a superman punch on his face well tonight show of Monday Night Raw which has happened at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY has made the rivalry between the Champion and the Boss even more intense and we will throw light on all this in our post further.


Tonight episode of Monday Night RAW starts with No Chance from Hell” bellows throughout the arena as Vince McMahon struts to the ring. McMahon says he is out here tonight to settle a score. He would have been at RAW last week, but he needed to have dental surgery. Vince waste no time calling out the man who assaulted him two weeks ago: Roman Reigns.McMahon tells Reigns that he can’t find it in his heart to congratulate Reigns because of what he did to his son-in-law Triple H. To further exacerbate things, Reigns also embarrassed his daughter Stephanie by turning his back on her. McMahon goes on to say that Reigns will eventually come to grips with the fact that he owns the WWE title and Roman Reigns.

Reigns asks McMahon if he is threatening him? McMahon spends the next five minutes talking about Reigns father and uncle. Reigns pushes McMahon to the mat. McMahon falls as if he was shot with a cannon, screaming about his neck. Stephanie runs down to the ring with uniform police officers and what appears to be plain clothes detectives in tow. Stephanie tries to get the detectives to arrest Reigns but the lead detective declines. He tells Stephanie that they are here as security and are not here personal police squad. Stephanie gets in the detective’s face. The detective threatens to arrest her. McMahon gets up and says he is feeling better. McMahon gets in the detective’s face and grabs him by the jacket. The detectives promptly arrest McMahon. Reigns is left in the ring, celebrating with the title.

WWE Raw 29 December 2015 Match Card & Results

1. Neville defeated Kevin Owens in a singles match

2. Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch in a divas singles match

3. Kalisto defeated Kofi Kingston in a singles match

4. Big E defeated Sin Cara in a singles match

5. Rayback defeated Big Show in a singles match via count-out

6. The League of Nations defeated Dean Ambrose and the Usos in a six man tag team match

7. John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio in a singles match for WWE United States title via disqualification

WWE Monday Night RAW 29 December 2015 Highlights

1. Mr. McMahon makes a return to Monday Night Raw tonight after getting assaulted by Roman Regins in the ring 2 weeks back

2. Chairman of WWE Board Vince McMahon got arrested for assaulting on a officer in the ring in front of WWE Brooklyn fans

3. Kevin Owens after getting defeated by Neville within 20 seconds out of frustrations beats him brutally

4. Dean Ambrose came to Neville’s rescue and gave Kevin Owens a taste of his own medicine

5. Kevin Owens takes back his revenge as he puts a exhausted Dean Ambrose through a announce table after his match against The League of Nations

6. Later in the evening Vince McMahon got released from Brooklyn Police Station on a bail

7. John Cena main event match against Alberto Del Rio for WWE US title ended in a disqualification as Rusev & Wade Barrett interrupted the match

8. The Usos and Roman Reigns came to John Cena rescue and starts beating The League of Nations

9. Vince McMahon came back and announces that next week on Monday night Raw Roman Reigns will face Sheamus in a singles match for WWE World Heavyweight title and he also wishes him Happy New Year in a malicious way

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