Jan 25, 2020

WWE Monday Night RAW 28 October 2019 Results Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 28 October 2019 Results Highlights Written Details :- The go home show of RAW has been aired tonight before Crown Jewel 2019 and we have seen Seth Rollins facing Erick Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere match also King’s Divorce Court Segment and an awesome Women’s singles match between Becky Lynch and Kairi Sane.

Tonights episode of Monday Night RAW starts with an in-ring segment featuring Paige, Asuka and Kairi Sane :

Paige music hits and she walks up on the stage after which she introduced the team she manages Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane. Paige enters the ring with both Asuka and Kairi.

Paige says about 6 months ago I introduced to you this team and I am proud of them after which both Asuka and Kairi snatches mic from Paige and speaks something in Japanese. Asuka spits the green mist on Paige face after which Becky came to the rescue and beats up both Asuka and Kairi.


  1. Becky Lynch defeated Kairi Sane in a Womens Sngles Match
  2. Buddy Murphy defeated R-Truth in a Singles Match
  3. Ricochet defeated Drew McIntyre in a Singles Match via DQ 
  4. The Viking Raiders defeated The Chicago Cubs (Rizzo and Bryant) in a Tag Team Match
  5. Andrade with Zalina Vega defeated Sin Cara with Catalina in a Singles Match
  6. Natalya and Charlotte Flair defeated IIconics in a Women’s Tag Team Match
  7. Seth Rollins defeated Erick Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
  8. AJ Styles defeated Humberto Carrillo in a Singles Match


  1. Singh Brothers came up with the 24/7 Title during Truth vs Murphy match and whole RAW catering roster was following them even R-Truth starts running and chasing the title.
  2. Another backstage dark room promo featuring AOP was being aired.
  3. Street Profits came to the ring and they said that ‘They want the Smoke’ also all the tag teams are in big trouble now after this they went in the crowd dancing.
  4. Randy Orton hits Ricochet with an RKO outta nowhere during Ricochet vs Drew McIntrye match
  5. Backstage, AJ Styles challenges Humberto Carrillo for a Singles match
  6. Seth Rollins in a backstage interview to Charly Caruso says that the match against Bray Wyatt can’t be stopped at Crown Jewel and only way to keep his title is to beat the Fiend. He is going to burn it down.
  7. AJ Styles with OC beats down Humberto Carrillo after Styles won his match against Humberto. 
  8. Street Profits came to Humberto Carrillo rescue from The OC and it ends up Street Profits and Humberto standing tall in the ring.
  9. In Kings Divorce Court Segment, Jerry Lawler says we are here to decide if divorce is best for two of WWE’s brightest superstars. Lana goes on and on about how the WWE Universe has been all in her mentions. Lana says their relationship was all about what Rusev wanted. All Rusev wanted was sex.
  10. Lana names all the places Rusev wanted sex. Lana calls Rusev a sex addict. Lana says it was all about wanting to put a baby inside of her. All Rusev wanted was little Machka brats running around. Lana says Rusev cheated on her. Rusev says that never happened. Lana says Lashley told her. Rusev says Lashley is just talking shit. Lashley marches down to the ring.
  11. Rusev kicks Lashley in the head as he tries to get in the ring. Rusev sends Lashley into the ring steps. Rusev brings Lashley back into the ring. Lashley fires back and hits a facebuster. Lashley tries the Spear. Rusev kicks Lashley in the head. Samoan drop by Rusev. Rusev takes off his wedding ring and shoves it in Lashley’s mouth.
  12. Lana hits Rusev in the back with a kendo stick over and over again. Rusev is unphased. Rusev rips the kendo stick out of Lana’s hand. Lashley low blows Rusev. Lashley punts Rusev in the nuts. Lana slaps Rusev. Lashley and Lana make out standing over Rusev.

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