Feb 19, 2020

WWE Monday Night RAW 27 November 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 27 November 2017 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details :- Tonights episode of WWE flaghship show ‘Monday Night RAW’ has already been ended and we have witnessed some terrific matches also a new women’s faction being introduced Intercontinental Title being defended and a lots more about which we will reveal further.

Tonights show of Monday Night RAW starts with Roman Reigns in-ring segment Reigns says this has been a crazy week for him. The Shield reunited and beat the breaks off New Day at Survivor Series. Oh, and last week Reigns got an opportunity. Reigns cashed in- Reigns is the NEW Intercontinental Champion. Miz ran his mouth and it got him in trouble after Raw last week. The Shield attacked Miz and put him through a table after Raw last week. The WWE Universe isn’t going to see The Miz for a long time. Reigns isn’t like the Miz, he is going to be a fighting champion. If anyone wants the IC title, step up and try to take it. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel walk out on the stage.

Dallas chastises Reigns for disrespecting the most must-see champion of all time. Axel says because of the Shield, they can’t avenge Miz tonight, but they know someone who can. Elias Samson walks out and says he is going to win the IC title tonight. Reigns says Elias is on. Reigns tells Elias that he should take a good look at Axel’s neck brace. After tonight, Elias may be wearing one.


1. Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro in a singles match

2. Samoa Joe defeated Titus O’Neil w/Apollo Crews in a singles match

3. Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James vs Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville six women tag team match ended in a no contest

4. Bray Wyatt defeated Matt Hardy in a singles match

5. Rich Swann defeated Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari in a Fatal 4 Way match

6. Roman Reigns defeated Elias in a Singles match for WWE Intercontinental Championship

7. Asuka defeated Dana Brooke in a Women’s Singles match

8. Kane defeated Jason Jordan in a Singles match

9. Kane vs Finn Balor Singles match ended in a no contest

WWE RAW 27 November 2017 HIGHLIGHTS

1. Elias challenges Roman Reigns to a match tonight for Intercontinental Title Reigns accepts

2. After the match between Rollins vs Cesaro, Charley asks Rollins if Reigns being IC Champ, and Ambrose not being here tonight means the Shield are going their separate ways. Rollins makes a stupid joke about Ambrose and Renee Young’s honeymoon. Rollins says the Shield is stronger than ever and soon they will all have titles. Rollins is officially invoking their rematch clause for a shot at the tag team titles.

3. After the match between Samoa Joe vs Tituis O’Neil, Joe hovers over O’Neil. Crews gets in the ring and tries to protect O’Neil. Crews misses an enziguri. Joe puts Crews to sleep with the Coquina Clutch.

4. Paige introduces her new women group as Absolution

5. Absolution attacks Mickie James and Bayley backstage at RAW

6. Absolution (Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville) beats Sasha Banks in the ring at RAW

7. Wyatt says he didn’t have a childhood and never celebrated holidays. Wyatt never cared about any of that. The WWE Universe does though. Our world exists in a cardboard box. They tell us who to love and who to be. We are all pathetic. Wyatt says he tried so hard. We never listened when he tried to show us the way. Our suffering brings him joy. Wyatt’s eyes are wide open. Wyatt can finally see us for who we are. None of us are alive. We are all dead. Wyatt laughs and laughs… for some reason. Wyatt repeats that we are all dead over and over again.

8. After the Match between Wyatt vs Hardy, Hardy is sitting in the corner writhing in pain. Hardy starts doing the delete taunt. Cole remarks that we may be witnessing a Matt Hardy breakdown…

9. Backstage, Jason Jordan tells Kurt Angle that it’s a shame that Kane hurt Brun Strowman. Jordan wanted to have a rematch with Strowman tonight. Angle asks Jordan if he is ready to compete. Jordan says everyone has been questioning his knee injury. They think he was just trying to get out of his match with Strowman. Angle says that isn’t what he was trying to say. Jordan says he wants Kane tonight. That will prove he is 100%. Angle books the match.

10. Elias says he is going to sing a song he wrote for Miz. Elias sings… badly. Elias calls the Miztourage to join him. Dallas and Axel appear in the ring (yes, you read that correctly. They must have teleported). Dallas and Axel play harmonica and they actually don’t sound half bad! The only downside to this was Elias’ terrible guitar playing.

11. After the match between Reigns vs Elias, Reigns walks up the ramp. When Reigns turns around to pose with the belt, Samoa Joe puts Reigns in the Coquina Clutch. Referees and officials pull Joe off Reigns. Joe runs back down and blasts Reigns with a few rights and lefts before being pulled off Reigns again. Joe yells that he is coming for Reigns.

12. Before the match starts, backstage Brooke says she has been studying the tape from their match last week. There is a huge hole in Asuka’s game. Before you blink, this match is going to be over.

13. As soon as the bell rings, Asuka puts Brooke in a flying armbar. Brooke taps immediately.

14. After the match between Asuka vs Dana Brooke, Absolution surrounds the ring. Absolution backs off for some reason. Asuka slowly walks away. Asuka never takes her eyes off of Paige.

15. Jordan says he wants to set the record straight. He did not use his knee as an excuse last week. He is at 100% and he is here to do the one thing Strowman couldn’t do: shut down the Big Red Machine.

16. After the match between Kane vs Jason Jordan, Kane beats down Jordan. Finn Bálor comes out on the apron and slowly makes his way to the ring.

17. After the match between Kane vs Finn Balor, Kane beats Bálor down with the chair. Kane wraps the chair around Bálor’s head. Kane goes up tot he second rope. Braun Strowman’s music hits and Strowman power walks to the ring. Kane hits Strowman with the chair. Strowman shrugs it off. Kane begs off. Strowman crushes Kane in the corner. Strowman lays in headbutt after headbutt. Kane rolls to the outside. Strowman hits Kane in the head with the ring steps. Strowman puts the bottom section of the ring steps into the ring. Strowman tosses Kane into the ring. Strowman hits Kane with the chair. Strowman picks up Kane and Powerslams him onto the ring steps. Strowman puts a chair in front of Kane’s throat and slams it into the ring steps. Kane falls to the ground holding his throat. Strowman picks up Kane and does it again. Kane stumbles out of the ring gasping for air holding his throat. Kane eventually escapes into the crowd.

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