WWE Monday Night RAW 21 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 21 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details :- Tonight we have watched another superb episode of Monday Night RAW and during the show we have seen Ronda vs Nia Contract Signing, Stephanie McMahon making a return, Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor in the main event and Fatal 4 Way Womens MITB Qualifier match.

Tonights episode of Monday Night RAW begins with an In Ring Segment featuring Kurt Angle

Angle says Raw has been on a roll and they are going to keep it going. Angle notes that Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax will sign the contract for their Money in the Bank title match. Before Angle can finish his thought, Stephanie McMahon interrupts him. Stephanie says what happened between them at WrestleMania is water under the bridge. Stephanie says she will always do what is best for business. The crowd starts to chant “you tapped out”. Stephanie says they are right she did. Stephanie patronizes Angle in reference to his ability as General Manager. Stephanie says Angle can sometimes let his emotions get the better of him. That’s why Stephanie will officiate the Raw Women’s title contract signing later tonight. Stephanie adds that Angle has been giving Reigns too much latitude on Raw. Reigns music hits and he walks to the ring. Stephaine tells Reigns he needs to calm down before his Samoan temper leads to him having to find another line of work. Reigns tells Stephanie she needs to watch how she speaks to him. If Stephanie doesn’t watch her tone., Reigns is going to go backstage and destroy all of her favorite toys.

Reigns tries to bring up Brock Lesnar but Stephanie cuts him off. Stephanie claims she has brought Reigns concerns to her father. Reigns tells Stephanie to cut the crap. Reigns doesn’t think they want him anywhere near the Universal title or the MITB contract. Stephanie reminds Reigns that he lost his MITB qualifying match. If Reigns has a problem he needs to take it up with Jinder Mahal. Reigns says he already did. Kevin Owens comes out and thanks Reigns for doing what he did to Mahal. It led to Owens winning a spot in the MITB match. Owens says he actually really likes Reigns. Owens says the crowd needs to chant something smart for once. They should all chant “thank you, Roman!” The crowd doesn’t buy it. Owens says Stephanie is telling the truth. Stephanie doesn’t play favorites. Stephanie realizes how great Owens is. Owens puts his arm on Stephanie. Stephanie tells Owens to never do that again. Stephanie books Owens vs Reigns right here, right now.


1. Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in a Singles Match

2. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens in a tag team match

3. Ember Moon defeated Alexa Bliss w/Mickie James in a Womens Singles Match

4. Baron Corbin defeated No Way Jose in a singles match

5. The B-Team defeated Breezango in a tag team match

6. Dolph Ziggler w/Drew McIntyre defeated Chad Gable in singles match

7. Natalya defeated Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan and Dana Brooke in a Fatal 4 Way Womens MITB Qualifier Match

8. Elias defeated Bobby Roode in a Singles match

9. Braun Strowman defeated Finn Bálor in a singles match


1. After the match between Roman vs Owens, Mahal and Owens assault Reigns. Seth Rollins hits the ring and makes the save.

2. After the match between Roman and Rollins vs Owens and Mahal, Mahal hits Rollins and Reigns with a steel chair. Mahal sends Rollins faling off the stage after a chair shot to the back. Mahal assaults Reigns on the stage with the chair.

3. Zayn says he is going to expose Bobby Lashley for the fraud he really is. Zayn introduces us to the Lashley sisters… who are three dudes of varying races dressed up as women. Zayn says he sees the trademark Lashley family resemblance. The first… ahem, “sister” says Lashley used to bully them and she had to carry a broom to try to protect herself from Lashley. The other two sister tells similarly ridiculous stories. One of the sisters says Lashley only loves himself. Lashley comes to the ring and makes fun of his “sisters”. Lashley laughs and thanks Zayn for doing all of this for him. Lashley thanks Zayn for being a friend. Zayn threatens to Helluva Kick Lashley. Zayn says Lashley’s family thinks he is garbage. Lashley drops the microphone. Zayn runs away. Lashley’s sisters attack Lashley from behind. Lashley powers out and beats the hell out of everyone. Zayn escapes.

4. Backstage, Finn Bâlor and Braun Strowman walk into Stephnie’s office. Bâlor and Strowman ask for another match with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Stephanie books Bâlor vs Strowman instead. Why? It’s all in the spirit of competition. Strowman crushes and apple in Bâlor’s face. Strowman says he loves competition and walks away.

5. Backstage, Chad Gable finds Angle, who is standing in the hallway. Angle tells Gable that he wanted to replace Mahal with Gable but management had other plans. Ziggler and McIntyre walk in and make fun of Angle. Gable says they must think they are special. McIntyre gets in Gable’s face and says they are. Ziggler tries to talk smack but Gable says forget all that and let’s just do it now.

6. tephanie hypes up the match before introducing both competitors. Nia Jax is out first. Next, Ronda Rousey joins them in the ring. Rousey gets in the ring and says hello to Stephanie. Rousey asks Stephanie how her arm is because Stephanie is managing to hold the mic very well. Stephanie says her arm is fine. Stephanie notes that Rousey leapfrogged all the other women in the back for this title shot. Rousey says she is aware but Jax challenged her not the other way around. Stephine asks Jax why she challenged Rousey. Stephanie says Jax must have done it to make a name for herself. Jax knows Rousey has never had a singles match. Jax is way bigger and way stronger. Stephanie says that Jax also knows that Rousey doesn’t take losing well. If Rousey loses she is going to tuck tail and run.

7. Stephanie turns to Jax and asks her why it took Jax so long to beat Bliss and furthermore why did it take so long for Jax to win the Raw Women’s title. Stephanie basically calls Jax lazy. Stephanie asks if Rousey can even get the armbar on Jax. Jax says she is tired of hearing that lazy crap. The truth is Jax is going to make a name for herself because she is going to beat Rousey at Money in the Banks. Jax signs the contract. Rousey does the same. Rousey moves the table out of the way and picks up the mic. Rousey says she is really happy the truth came out. Rousey shakes Jax’s hand. Rousey says at MITB she is going to take Jax’s title AND her arm.

8. After the match between Ziggler vs Gable, McIntyre hits the Claymore on Gable.

9. After the Womens MITB Qualifier match, Natty says after MITB her and her training partner Ronda Rousey will have two new nicknames: Miss Money in the Bank and Raw Women’s champion.

10. After the match between Strowman vs Balor, Strowman picks up Bálor and props him up in the corner as a sign of respect.

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