Mar 30, 2020

WWE Monday Night RAW 2 September 2019 Results Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 2 September 2019 Results Highlights Written Details :- The brand new episode of WWE flagship show Monday has just been aired from Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, MD and we have seen tonights show opening with a grand Universal Title match contract signing between Rollins and Strowman also a new episode of Firefly Funhouse has also been aired.

Tonights episode of Monday Night RAW begins with an Unversal Title Contract Signing featuring Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins :

Braun Strowman first entered the ring followed by Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Michael Cole moderated the contract signing he asked the first question to both of them as you both have double duty on Clash of Champions how will you get passed it.

Seth says he has no problem in doing that then in response Braun says that Rollins tag team partner will defeat him for the title. Seth Rollins says that he slayed the beast and just like that at Clash of Champions he will slay the monster and then Rollins signed the contract.

AJ Styles music hits he comes with the OC, Cole tried to stop AJ and then crowd chants for AJ. Styles says why is Braun getting a shot at the Universal Title just because he’s Seth tag team partner. Styles says it should be US Champion. He further says why is Ziggler and Robert Roode getting an opportunity at tag titles they are not even a team but The OC is a team, Cole tries to stop Styles again but Styles insulted him crowd chants.

Styles comes in the ring takes the contract and tears it apart then he laughs after which The OC and Seth & Braun gets into a brawl.


  1. Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman defeated The OC in a Tag Team Match
  2. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler defeated Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder in a tag team match
  3. Lacey Evans defeated Natalya in a Womens Singles Match
  4. Baron Corbin defeated Cedric Alexander in a King of the Ring quarter-final Match
  5. Viking Raiders defeated Brian and Tyler in a Tag Team Match
  6. Samoa Joe vs Ricochet King of the Ring quarter-final Match ended in a confused result.
  7. The Miz defeated Cesaro in a Singles match
  8. Becky Lynch and Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a Womens Tag Team Match via DQ


  1. After The OC lost the tag team match against Seth and Braun, AJ Styles attacked them but still both Seth and Braun managed to fight against them but after that by mistake Braun runs through Seth he was in shock and there comes Roode and Ziggler they joined The OC in beating the tag team Champions which ended in the heels standing tall.
  2. Backstage Cedric Alexander was being interviewed by Charly Caruso she asked him regarding his upcoming match in the King of the Ring tournament but just when he has started to answer The OC came and attacked him from behind.
  3. Becky and Sasha had a promo confrontation in which Becky called Sasha a little wierdo and a blue haired freak.
  4. Charly Caruso interviewed Bayley backstage she asked her to make comments about Sasha return, Bayley replied I don’t want to comment about it as its personal Sasha took the ball and got to home and Bayley is currently the SmackDown Womens Champion. Bayley says she doesn’t get overshadowed by Becky as SmackDown Womens Title is as much important as RAW Womens Title.
  5. Samoa Joe and Ricochet match ended with a confused ending as both of their shoulders were down when referee made the pinfall.
  6. Another segment of Firefly Funhouse aired Bray came he said before the fun begins he want to say sorry to Finn Balor for what the Fiend Did to You. Then Vince puppet came he said why did you challenged Seth and Braun to a title match at HIAC do you know how valuable they are he makes fun of Vince puppet. Then Bray gets serious says See You in Hell then says Byeee.
  7. Referee John gets interviewed backstage by Corey Graves he asked who gets advanced to the King of the Ring Semi Final. Corbin came says he should get a bye but referee says WWE management decided that both Joe and Ricochet qualified and next week they will face Corbin in a triple threat KOTH semi final match.
  8. Sasha Banks made an entrance during Womens Tag Team Main Event match at RAW
  9. Sasha Banks interfered and attacks Becky Lynch during Womens Tag Team Match she hits Becky with chair shots Bayley takes chair from Sasha and hits Becky with chair shots. Crowd chants Yes.

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