WWE Monday Night RAW 2 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details

WWE Monday Night RAW 2 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Details :- Another episode of WWE Monday Night RAW has just been ended people and tonight we have seen Roman Reigns in two tag team matches also Nia Jax vs Mickie James in a Women’s Singles match, Dr Shelby Returns and a lot more.

Tonights episode of Monday Night RAW begins with an In Ring Segment featuring Roman Reigns

Reigns says the Revival are great and half a bright future but he never thought he would say that he lost a match to them. Reigns doesn’t want to make excuses but Reigns had the worst tag team partner in history, Bobby Lashley. Reigns says Lashley wasn’t the guy 10 years ago and he won’t be 10 years from now. Reigns is the guy. Reigns wants Lashley tonight. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre interrupt him. Ziggler says Reigns is an egomaniac. Reigns thinks the WWE revolves around him. McIntyre says Reigns just can’t help himself. Reigns just had to stick his nose in their business last week. McIntyre says since Reigns got involved last week, they are going to get in his business now. McIntyre starts to take off his coat but Reigns decks him. McIntyre and Ziggler beat down Reigns. Rollins hits the ring and makes the save.


1. Curtis Axel w/Bo Dallas defeated Woken Matt Hardy in a Singles Match

2. The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide w/Dana Brooke in a tag team match

3. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre in a tag team match via DQ

4. Ember Moon defeated Liv Morgan w/Sarah Logan in a Womens Singles Match

5. Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley defeated The Revival in a tag team match via DQ

6. Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose singles match ended in a no contest

7. Nia Jax w/Natalya defeated Mickie James w/Alexa Bliss in a Womens Singles Match

8. Braun Strowman defeated Kevin Owens in a Singles match via count-out


1. Backstage, Rollins and Reigns ask Angle for Ziggler and McIntyre. Angle points out that Reigns already has a match. Angle begrudgingly agrees to Rollins and Reigns vs Ziggler and McIntyre.

2. Before the match, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas mock Hardy and Wyatt (who isn’t there tonight due to a car accident over the weekend.

3. Backstage Lashley tells Reigns he better be focused because if he isn’t Lashley is going to hold Reigns responsible. Reigns asks Lashley if that was a threat. Lashley says yes and walks away.

4. As Bayley is waiting for her therapy appt, Sasha Banks walks in. Bayley and Banks have an appt at the same time. Dr. Shelby walks out and says he is going to be handling their friendship counseling. The first step is a safe zone with multiple rules they have to follow.

5. Backstage, Kevin Owens refuses to give his car keys to the parking attendant. As Owens is walking into the arena he puts his hood up to hide his face.

6. After the match, The Revival, McIntyre, and Ziggler beat down Rollins and Reigns. McIntyre and Ziggler hit their tag finisher on Rollins. The Revival destroys Reigns with the Shatter Machine.

7. Backstage, Owens asks Angle to do something about Braun Strowman. Angle says they solve issues in the ring and it sounds like Owens wants a match with Strowman. Owens says Angle should fire Strowman or suspend him or something. Angle tells Owens he is going to face Strowman tonight.

8. Baron Corbin decks Finn Bálor. Bálor sling blades Corbin. Corbin falls to the outside. Bálor goes up top but Corbin slinks away.

9. Backstage, Elias is strumming his guitar. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan ask Elias if he is performing tonight. Elias says not for these people. Elias plays a song for them as they “destroy” things.

10. Back to footage from earlier today, Dr. Shelby looks really, really frustrated. Shelby tells Banks to pretend to be Bayley and for Bayley to pretend to be Banks. Banks (as Bayley) makes fun of Bayley for being a pushover and not deserving anything and that she is a pushover and she likes hugs, yay! Bayley (as Banks) says Banks is going to stab you in the back no matter what you do. Banks gets in Bayley’s face and they argue. Dr. Shelby tries to break it up but they won’t listen. Shelby goes nuts and screams “Enough!”… this is to be continued.

11. After the match, the Revival beat down Reigns. Lashley just walks away. The Revival hit another Shatter Machine.

12. Backstage, Owens offers Angle Shania Twain tickets to get out of his match with Strowman tonight. Angle declines.

13. Backstage, Reigns burst into Angle’s office and demands a match with Lashley. Angle tells Reigns is late and Lashley just left. Angle has officially booked Reigns vs Lashley at Extreme Rules.

14. During a backstage interview, Ronda Rousey says she is going to buy a front row ticket for Extreme Rules. Rousey has only been suspended from Monday Night Raw.

15. Before the match, Jax says after she beat Bliss twice she thought she was finished with her. After Bliss’ MITB cash in they are right back where they started. Jax says this needs to end. At Extreme Rules, it will. Jax tells Bliss that their title match at Extreme Rules will be an Extreme Rules match. Jax announces that Natalya will be in her corner tonight.

16. Backstage, Owens is working on becoming centered with Jinder Mahal. Charly walks in and startles Owens. Owens says he isn’t afraid of Strowman. Owens says he knows Strowman’s every move. Owens is going to show the world how you destroy a monster.

17. Backstage, Lashley says it was fun watching Reigns get what he asked for. The only reason Reigns was ever the guy is because Lashley left. If Lashley stayed Regins “yard” would be a patch of cement in a trailer park.

18. After the match, Strowman follows Owens. Owens makes it to his car, but Owens doesn’t have his keys. Owens is scrambling looking for a place to hide. Owens hides in a portapotty. Strowman makes it outside and frantically looks for Owens. Strowman starts sniffing and finds his way to the portapotty. Strowman puts on a female voice and asks if anyone is in there. Owens says yes and tells him to go away. Strowman duct tapes the door shut. Strowman drags the portapotty back inot the arena.

19. Strowman drags the portapotty back to the stage. Strowman gets a running start and pounces the portapotty off the stage! Officials open the Portapotty and Owens is covered in blue stuff (whatever the put in those toilets). Strowman celebrates on the stage.

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