Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 Episode 4th Dec 2015 5 Dosh Task Winner Team Day 54 BB9

Watch Today Bigg Boss 9 Episode 4th Dec 2015 5 Dosh Task Winner Team Day 54 BB9 :- In the previous episodes of Bigg Boss Double Trouble housemates were given a luxury budget task ‘5 Dosh’ which comprises of two teams and already 2 challenges of the task have been completed with both the sides 1 win each. Now we will reveal what will happen next.



Bigg Boss Double Trouble Day 54 Written

After the completion of 2 challenges which were EGO and LUST now its time for the third one i.e. GREED and both the teams chosen one member from opposite sides.

Team A won the GREED task as Kanwaljeet got greedy and grabs fake ticket to finale first

Fourth challenge was ANGER in which Mandana from Team A and Rishabh from Team B was being selected and they they got locked in a cage while the task of other remaining contestants is to irritate their rival team member.

Team B won the task as Mandana lost her cool on Sanchalak Priya

Now its time for the final challenge LAZINESS as both the team were square at 2 wins each and Kanwaljeet from Team B and Rochelle from Team A chosen to do that task.

Rochelle won the task while Kanwaljeet lost

Team A – Prince, Rochelle Keith and Mandana won the 5 Dosh task by 3-2

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