Today Zee TV Amma Episode 7 August 2016 Written Updates Anna Haider Takes Revenge

Today Zee TV Amma Episode 7 August 2016 Written Updates Anna Haider Takes Revenge :- Haider escapes the evil planning of Kbil Lal after which he killed his own men Ali then Pathan tells Shankar to shoot Zeenat when they went to Seth Karori Mal house to fix the marriage but instead of Zeenat the bullet hits Murali he died Anna pledges to take revenge.


Amma Episode 14 Written Updates

Parvez tells Anna and Haider to not to take law in their own hands as he will help them to get justice but they say that they will do everything now in their own style. After that the revenge begins as Haider and Anna killed about 17 men of Kabir Lal.

Pathan tells commissioner that we need to do something as they are killing our men at a rapid pace then he came up with a plan and surrenders himself at police station next day in newspapers news regarding this came Haider says now we have to wait for their next plan of action.

Mehboob went to police station to give Prajapati some information there he saw Pathan in the prison and he orders him to get some boiled eggs and tea for him. Later Mehboob tells about this to Anna and Haider in front of commissioner they get suspicious.

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