Today Zee TV Amma Episode 6 August 2016 Written Updates Murali Gets Killed

Today Zee TV Amma Episode 6 August 2016 Written Updates Murali Gets Killed :- Kabir Lal plans against Anna and Haider as a part of his conspiracy Pathan kidnaps Shankar mother and tells him to shoot Haider but somehow luckilly he manages to escape as Ali was sitting in the car in his place. Next day Haider finds out that Ali was behind this and immediately he killed him.


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Haider and Anna both went to police station to see Shankar he says that Haider wife Fatima gave him money they told commissioner to release him and not to tell anyone about this. Pathan tells commissioner that Kabir Lal plan is going very well and gets happy.

Pathan calls Kabir Lal in Dubai and informs him about everything Kabir explains him the whole plan in details as they were up to kill Zeenat now by the hands of Shankar. Seth Karori Mal agrees to get his daughter married to Murali after which Zeenat went with Murali to their home to get everything fixed.

Before going Murali gave his Lucky coin to Zeenat when they were coming outside of Karori Mal house the coin falls Shankar shoots Zeenat but bullet hits Murali he died. Anna finds about this he cried and says that I will take your revenge Haider says I’m with you.

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