May 30, 2020

Today Zee TV Amma Episode 24 July 2016 Written Updates Anna Haider Refuses Kabir Lal

Today Zee TV Amma Episode 24 July 2016 Written Updates Anna Haider Refuses Kabir Lal :- Anna and Haider now came together all thanks to Zeenat who is just like a real sister for both of them. Their friendship doesn’t gone well with Dubai Don Kabir Lal who thinks that he will face a huge loss in his business because of their closeness and decides to come to India.


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There was Zeenat birthday her friends from her society came even her evil Mama Mami also arrived to wish her but they also have their demands and Anna refused to fulfill them after which they went away. Anna told Zeenat that today we have a business meeting and asks her to go with him as she is his brain.

Zeenat, Anna, Haider, Pathan and Kabir Lal were having a meeting at a secret place in the presence of all their goons. Kabir Lal gave them a business proposal as he told them that we will smuggle drugs as they are very popular among youth and we will earn huge profits.

Firstly Haider refused this proposal later Anna seconds him in his own style Zeenat says that we will not let this poison to sell in our country Kabir says ok then we will do our business alone you do it in your way and I will do it in my way but he got very angry.

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