Today Zee TV Amma Episode 17 July 2016 Written Updates Zeenat Gets Anna Haider Together

Today Zee TV Amma Episode 17 July 2016 Written Updates Zeenat Gets Anna Haider Together :- Zeenat has now become the brain behind Shekhran Shetty as she helped him in trapping the Police Commissioner. Anna’s increasing strength is becoming a big headache for Haider who is his archi rival and he makes plan to get the better of him but Zeenat through his wit failed him and also gets all the gold to Anna which Haider was about to smuggle by tying tyres with sacks.


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An angry Haider was planning to do something big against Anna and ordered his men that it should happen today suddenly some men arrive with all the gold and puts it in front of him. Zeenat came in front of Haider and he gets shocked seeing her as she was the same lady who saved him 5 years ago.

Zeenat says that Anna calls her his elder sister but he says that Anna calls you his sister now I accepted you as my sister 5 years ago then she says so you’re the person who I saved. He says can I call you my sister Zeenat agrees. She tells him to join hands with Anna so it will benefit them both he agrees.

Daughter of Zeenat Rihanna was going to school with Lakshmi on the way a car was about to hit her a strange person came and saved her from accident. Zeenat went to see him in the hospital his name is Parvez and by profession he’s a lawyer she thanked him and appreciates him.

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