Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Finds About Pihu Suicide Attempt

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Finds About Pihu Suicide Attempt :- Kunal gets both Mihika and Ishita arrested Raman finds about this and rescues them he then scolds Ishita for talking the whole matter in her hands and not consulting him Ishita tells him everything related to how he blackmailed her Raman later apologized to Romi for the insult Mihika has faced because of Ishita he says its alright she did it for us Raman says Ishita does not have to become Jagat Mata always.


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Shagun plays another evil game she places a bottle full of sleeping pills under Pihu pillow while she was sleeping then she starts shouting Aliya and Mani came to see her she then says I take sleeping pills sometimes but why did Pihu took the pills Pihu replied saying I don’t know anything regarding pills mumma I was upset because my friends were not playing with me but I have not taken the pills.

Raman received a call and gets shocked he rushed to Shagun house with Ishita he saw Pihu there hugs her and cries he then says why did you did this who made you do this Pihu looks at Ishita Shagun gets happy seeing all this and thinks that now it will be really fun Ishita starts scolding Shagun for being a bad mother and says I will take Pihu with me.

But Shagun says that today Pihu tried to commit suicide and only you are responsible for this Ishita. A completely shocked Ishita looks at Raman and he gets away. At Bhalla house Raman scolds Ishita for being a bad mother she cried a lot Aliya gets a hint that it was all Shagun plan and Pihu has not taken the pills she went to Bhalla house to inform Ishita about that.

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