Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 6th November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Tells Raman Kunal Reality

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 6th November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Tells Raman Kunal Reality :- Kunal calls both Ishita and Mihika to meet him in the cafe they did exactly that and says why you asked us to come here he says this meeting will appear like a business deal Ishita asks for the photographs suddenly police arrived at the location both of them get stunned seeing this they say you are under arrest Ishita for the crime of blackmailing Kunal Ishita says you are doing big mistake but the inspector did not listen to Ishita and only trusted what Kunal was saying.


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Police arrests both of them and took Ishita Mihika to Jail Raman comes to police station and sees Kunal. Kunal says so you also came here to talk about Pihu’s case. Shagun sees Pihu and acts to show care. She says I was worried that you saw news channel. Pihu asks what news. Shagun says nothing, forget it. Pihu says tell me, what is it.

Shagun says Ishita, forget it. Pihu says I have to see news and checks news on tv. Shagun smiles and says sorry Pihu. She thinks Pihu will hate Raman and not wish to go back, even Kunal will not fight the case. Raman says my wife will not do this. Kunal says your wife is blackmailing me, I m shocked too, I will not take the case and not let anyone take this case, its good Pihu is with other woman, your wife is disgusting. He leaves. Raman gets angry.

Ishita comes home with Raman. Ruhi hugs her and says I was so afraid. Ishita says Mihika and I are fine, relax. Romi looks at Mihika. Ishita asks Mihika to tell everything. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk in morning, go and sleep. Raman says Ishita, we need to talk. Romi looks at Mihika. She cries and says Romi. He says enough, I don’t want to listen anything. He holds her and says I love you a lot, I trust you completely. He hugs her. She apologizes. He calms her down and says I trust you, no need to give me any explanation.

Ishita seeks Raman advice asks him how will matter solve, you always get annoyed and ignore me you know Kunal is cheating us he has Mihika’s CD Raman replied saying fine I will talk to him if there is no solution then Ishita says we have to try.

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