Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 5th August 2016 Written Updates Raman Catches Romi Redhanded

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 5th August 2016 Written Updates Raman Catches Romi Redhanded :- Shagun manipulates Pihu totally against Ishita after which she cuts her finger later when Ruhi tells her to apologize she decides to take revenge further. Adi meanwhile is completely fallen in love with Alia but it appears that she loves Mihir. All the ladies get ready as Raman is coming back home.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 874 Written Updates

Pihu puts oil on the room door and smiles thinking now Ishita aunty will come and oil will fall on her and mumma has gone out on lunch so there won’t be any worries. Mihir thanks Aaliya Adi comes there and gets surprised seeing Aaliya he tells Adi how he got Aaliya for the project. He asks them to work together and welcomes Aaliya in their team. Mihir leaves Adi smiles seeing Aaliya.

Shagun gets angry as oil falls on her everyone come there and ask what happened. Shagun says oil fell on me it was kept over the door. Pihu says I did this Shagun covers up and says it was Pihu’s experiment.

Abhishek tells about Anil writing confession letter before his death, he wanted to prove his innocent, he got that letter posted to Raman. He says I did not get it I will go office and check. He leaves. Shagun goes to her room and calls Ashok requesting him to get the letter from the office and he agrees.

Ashok went to Raman office Cabin but suddenly Adi came there catches him Ashok scolds Adi and reminds his childhood Aaliya and Mihir look on. Romi tells Raman that he is in meeting Raman says you did not come for dinner so I asked Raman sees Romi with the girl and finds that he is lying to him.

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