Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Wants to Punish Kunal

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Wants to Punish Kunal :- Ishita while talking to Mihika suddenly finds out that Kunal is the one who was blackmailing her then she thinks that they cannot accuse him without a proof as Kunal is a well known lawyer and will definitely have a backup plan. Then after all this Ishita tells Mihika to go back home and will meet her at a place after 30 minutes time. Mihika came back home Raman was waiting for her for Diwali Puja he asked Mihika where Ishita is she replied she is busy in some work right now.


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Mihir came with the money bag at Bhalla house and tells Mihika whispering in her ears that I got the money Mihika says there is no need of it now as Ishita has made a plan Kunal is the actual culprit I will tell you about all this later he says ok. Ishita went to meet Kunal at his office there she clicked some pictures of his cabin then Kunal came she makes drama that she wants him to fight Pihu custody case he refused as he does not have time for that.

Kunal peon came with some boxes in his hand Ishita secretly takes the video and then went away thereafter Ishita meets Mihir and Mihika Simmi was also there she says I am here to support both of you as Ishita told me the whole story they made a plan as per which both Simmi and Mihir went to Kunal office as IT officials and says its a raid to her secretary they told her that they want to see everything than they take away Kunal laptop.

Simmi calls a hacker who open the laptop password Kunal received a call from his secretary and he rushed back to the office Ishita gets very happy and says Kunal now your time is over now I will punish you for all your deeds Raman had a face off with Shagun where he told her that now I will get Pihu back as no. 1 lawyer Kunal will fight my case this time around.

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