Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 3rd November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Records Kunal Secretly

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 3rd November 2016 Written Updates Ishita Records Kunal Secretly :- Kunal calls Mihika yet again and asks her that is she with her lover right now Mihir was with her he takes the phone and scolds him for harassing a married lady he says what are your motives what you need from us in return of the photographs you have he says Rs 50 lakhs hearing which Mihir gets stunned. Mihir agrees Kunal says I will tell you when and where Mihir tells Ishita and Mihika that I will arrange this money anyhow.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 964 Written Updates

Later Raman gave an expensive gift to Ishita she says Raman your gifts are getting more and more costly with every passsing day Raman says Madrasan your love has no value they both smile. Shagun went to attend a Diwali party and left Pihu alone telling her to celebrate the Diwali festival alone buring crackers Pihu wanted to go with her to the party but Shagun refused.

Ruhi and Adi came to celebrate Diwali with Pihu all of them had too much fun Ruhi said that I need to go to Office as I have some work there she went Mihir went to office to steal money so that he can give it to the blackmailer Ishita and Mihika were waiting for him Ruhi saw Mihir stealing the money but has not shout.

While talking to Mihika suddenly Ishita finds out that the blackmailer is actually Kunal she had an imagination after which she decided that they need proofs against him first. Ishita talks to Kunal at his office. A peon gets some boxes Kunal goes to check the boxes while Ishita from a far side takes his recording secretly.

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