Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 30th October 2016 Written Updates Pihu Arrives at Adi Aliya Engagement

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 30th October 2016 Written Updates Pihu Arrives at Adi Aliya Engagement :- Pihu reached during Raman Ishita wedding after which she shows her anger towards her father and Shagun gets happy seeing all this happening in front of her eyes then after all that Pihu finally leaves with Shagun. Bala mother gets very much glad as her plan got successful. Both Mani and Aliya scold Shagun for bringing Pihu to the marriage and then all of them start doing the preperations for Adi Aliya engagement ceremony.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 960 Written Updates

Ishita went to meet Pihu and tells her the whole truth that she is her real mother not Shagun Raman comes and takes Ishita out. He says you always do what you want, you did this 7 years ago, you made plan and disappeared, we lost Ruhi and today we can lose Pihu. She says Pihu…. He says shut up, you said Pihu you are her mum, what will she think, she hates me, she will think I lied again. She says why will she not understand, Ruhi understood us and maybe Pihu will also understand. He says maybe? If we can see her now and can’t see her tomorrow then, I can’t lose her because of your maybe. She cries. He gets a call and says yes Papa, Ishita is with me, we are coming. He asks her to answer family, maybe you felt Pihu will come with us, will she come.

Pihu gets ready and comes. Raman gets shocked she says I will come along for Adi and Aaliya’s engagement. Raman and Ishita get glad. Raman says yes, we will take you. He holds Ishita’s hand. She moves his hand away from Ishita and leaves with him. Ishita cries. Ishita gets a call and says I m coming. Raman and Pihu are on the way. He says we are very annoyed with Papa right. Pihu says no, I don’t want any explanation. He says Ishita is your real mum. She says no, Shagun is my real mum.

Raman says Ruhi told you about Kanha having two mummas, one who gave birth and one who raised, you have two mums too. Pihu says no, Ishita is no one, Shagun is my mumma, I was in her tummy. he thinks how to explain her. She says we have to be there before mahurat.

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