Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 29th June 2016 Written Updates Raman Fights with Romi Again

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 29th June 2016 Written Updates Raman Fights with Romi Again :- Everyone is trying to act sweet in front of Ruhi as both Mrs Bhalla and Amma cooked special food for her but she is getting suspicious about all of them whether their love is real or fake. Mani offers Mihir post of Indian CEO in his company and thrice the salary but he refused as he thinks that Raman is not only his boss but brother as well.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 837 Written Updates

Some unknown men came and said that they are plumbers Mrs Bhalla tells them to fix the issue while Raman said is this the time to come. Both Mrs Bhalla and Amma offered their special dishes to each other and their taste was very bad. They act that these are tasty dishes for Ruhi sake and complimented each other.

Ashok and Nidhi smiles and says that a Mahabharat will start now. Ishita gives Ruhi the property papers and asks her to sign she says that is this a joke as you all did this drama to get these papers signed. Raman says that they are simple trust papers which says that you can claim your property once you get 18. Ruhi says these papers says that after signing them I can’t claim any property at all. They both get shocked.

As apart of Ashok’s evil plan those plumbers changed the papers. Raman and Romi had a fight in the society compound and they start blaming each other seeing which Ashok gets very happy as he thinks that he doesn’t need to do anything as they both will beat each other.

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