Jun 1, 2020

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 25th July 2016 Written Updates Pihu Says Ishi Maa

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 25th July 2016 Written Updates Pihu Says Ishi Maa :- Mani makes Ruhi understand the whole situation and she cried as she gets to know about how much suffering and pain Ishita has gone through in the past she then decides to stay at Bhalla house. Ishita says thank you to Mani and was about to leave with him for Australia but stopped at the last moment as she is emotionally attached with the Bhalla family.


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Ruhi thinks of Ishita’s words and cries. She thinks how she has hurt Ishita by her bitter words. She says how did I behave with Ishi maa in this manner, how rudely I spoke to her, I insulted her and she did not tell me anything, I feel guilty and want to apologize, I should do something to please her, but what. She says I have to tell Pihu hat Ishi Maa is her real mother.

Shagun asks Raman what does he want to say. He says you mean a lot to me, but I can’t marry you, I agree that you did a lot for me, and no one else can do that, I don’t love you, I don’t know you love me or not, we were marrying for Pihu’s sake, when everything is getting fine, I want you to think of your future, you need someone who loves and respects you. She says I m happy.

Shagun goes to her room and gets angry. She says Ishita made plan to make me leave from this house, does she think its exchange offer, give family and get Mani, Raman finds Ishsita’s advice is right, I m doing so much since 7 years, I will not let her plan get successful, Ishita wants to live with Raman and kids happily. Ruhi tells Pihu to call Ishita as Ishi Maa Pihu says Ishi Maa. Ishita happily cries. Shagun looks towards her in anger.

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