Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 20th October 2016 Written Updates Adi Aliya Separated They Cried

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 20th October 2016 Written Updates Adi Aliya Separated They Cried :- Everyone get ready to go for the Puja function at Vandu Bala house both the Bhalla family and Mani’s family arrived there. Both Adi and Mani were dressed in traditional South Indian clothes. Suddenly Mani and Raman saw each other and gets shocked as their kids told them them they were busy with their work Aliya came between them and tells Raman that Ishi Maa is suffering from serious health issues so please don’t create any scene here then Raman ignored Mani and went away.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 950 Written Updates

Pihu’s grandmother meets her Shagun gets tensed that Bhalla family may find about that hot milk falls on Pihu’s hand as they can spot her marks. Pandit Ji gets late Mani’s mother says if pooja did not happen on time then there will be a bad omen. Aliya and Adi says they will do the Pooja and they will follow the rituals through internet everyone agrees.

Pooja happened in a good way and finally Pandit Ji arrived he says they did a good job Dadi appreciates Adi Aliya She then says Mani Shagun, Vandu Bala and Raman Ishita will sit together in Pooja but Vandu mother-in-law stops them she says Raman Ishita cannot sit together as there marriage is not vaild anymore.

Bala mother reveals everything about the past to Dadi that Ishita stay with Mani without marriage and Raman was about to marry Shagun when she came back Dadi says that Adi and Aliya cannot marry each other now and she takes Aliya away from Bhalla house but before that Adi Aliya cried hugging each other.

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