Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 16th October 2016 Written Updates Raman Cries Ishita Consoles

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 16th October 2016 Written Updates Raman Cries Ishita Consoles :- Ishita and Raman were making loud sounds like a Cock to wake Adi up Dadi starts Pooja and Shagun was very happy that today Adi will fail in his test Dadi gets angry hearing loud noises Raman says who is she getting angry on Ishita says you Adi came out of his room dressed in South Indian style Ishita gets happy seeing him tells Raman he’s looking handsome today and congratulates him.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 946 Written Updates

Dadi gets happy seeing Adi blesses him then they went to temple with Aliya Shagun thinks how did Adi wakes up as she gave him very strong sleeping pills Raman tells Ishita that Adi was looking handsome like me in traditional South Indian clothes. Flashback shows that Aliya wakes Adi up by throwing water on him while he was sleeping in his room.

Adi lifts Dadi and climbs the stairs of the temple and successfully completed the second test Dadi gets happy and blessed him again. Raman and Ishita finds a car in the RTO office with a kid inside it was being towed Pihu was inside that car they got shocked seeing her Pihu gets happy seeing Raman but then she saw Ishita and gets sad RTO officials takes her away.

Raman along with Ishita cries in his room saying when you left me I was living only because of Pihu and now she dislikes me and does not even wants to see me Ishita says I am sorry and says this all happened only because of me I am responsible for this mess then she hugs him and then they both cries together.

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