Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 14th September 2016 Written Updates Police Came to Arrest Adi

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 14th September 2016 Written Updates Police Came to Arrest Adi :- Raman tries to make Adi understand the way he is behaving after losing Alia is wrong but he has not listened to him as he only want her to say yes Alia feels very bad for whatever she has done to Adi she calls him and asks him that she wants to meet him soon he agrees Alia even goes to Shagun and warns her to never show her the wrong way again she now knows her intention very well.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 914 Written Updates

Ishita exposed the union leader in front of the members after which the workers get ready to work again and restart the factory Raman, Romi and Mihir gets very happy seeing this and praised her cleverness Adi was on her way to meet Alia he meets a old friend of his on the road he decides to drop him as his car was not in working condition.

Adi friend says that his girlfriend backstabbed her because she loves a person much older in age than him all girls are same Adi stops the car and tells him to go in some other vehicle he then decides not to talk to Alia but to teach her a lesson. At park Alia was waiting for Adi to come sitting on the bench behind her a person came and throws chemical on her face she screams.

Alia gets hospitalised Nurse checks her phone and finds Adi’s threatening messages in it and she then tells police about it Police reaches Bhalla house and tells Raman and Ishita that they came here to arrest Adi as he has thrown acid on a girl named Alia. Both Mani and Shagun went to hospital to see Alia she was suffering from a lot of pain there.

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