Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 14th July 2016 Written Updates Raman Romi Talks About Ishita

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 14th July 2016 Written Updates Raman Romi Talks About Ishita :- Both Bhalla and Iyer family were happy as they were busy doing the arrangements for Raman & Ishita marriage. Along with her daughter Ruhi, Ishita went for the shopping of jewellery at Market and both of them were wearing the same sarees. Ashok’s men kidnapped someone only seeing the saree puts her in van and ran away while at home family was waiting for both of them to return.


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Raman and Romi had a conversation where Romi asked him are you marrying Ishita by heart or you’re just pretending to be happy he says by what right you’re asking this to which Romi replied Ishita is my saali and he says now relations changed you are my saadu now. Raman further says that I want to thank Shagun also as before that she was so selfish but now she did a big favour by agreeing for this wedding.

After sometime Ruhi came back at home alone and Raman asks her about Ishita she says she has not came home he said no Ruhi said that she dropped me to the parlour and went to the shopping I have her bag and phone with me. Raman thought that she would have stopped to help someone.

Both Raman and Romi went to Ashok house to enquire about Ishita but he didn’t gave them a hint. Ruhi thought that Ishi Maa was doing drama so she will stay here but she promised whenever she will come back Ruhi will leave for Australia with Niddhi.

Later in the day Raman suspects there is something fishy behind all this as Ishita has done dramas like this before he confronts Romi regarding this he says why will Ishita do drama and leave Romi says she will come back for sure to which Raman replied go from here and leave me alone.

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