Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 13th September 2016 Written Updates Raman Tells Adi to Drink

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 13th September 2016 Written Updates Raman Tells Adi to Drink :- A completely broken Adi came back at home in drunk state both Ishita and Raman tries to give support to him but he did not listened to anything they say Alia went to Mihir he says to her that its not love just infatuation she goes away and cries later Alia scolds Shagun for showing her the wrong path and says that you and Ishi Maa are two completely different personalities.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 913 Written Updates

Raman tries to talk to Adi and calm him down he says that he will be alright and will forget Alia Raman gives him a bottle of alcohol and tells him to drink he says what is this papa Raman says if you can come home drunk in front of your father than whats wrong drinking in front of me Raman says how can you forget Alia drinking is not the solution Adi went away.

Romi tells Ishita I will handle everything and will convince union leader Ishita says I will also go with you he agrees Alia decides to apologize to Adi for all she did to him he messages him to come and meet her Adi agrees. Adi went to meet her on the way he meets a friend of his there was a problem with his car Adi decides to drop him on the way he tells Adi that his girlfriend cheated him for a old man now I will make her understand Adi tells him to go he says now even I will teach Alia a lesson.

Ishita bribes union leader with expensive jewellery to get the work started again he agrees but Ishita exposes him in front of everyone all the workers decide to beat him as they saw the footage on the CCTV camera Ishita says even all of you are at fault as you trusted one person and stopped the whole work.

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