Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Poonam Gets Arrested by Abhishek

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Poonam Gets Arrested by Abhishek :- Raman went to Abhishek tells him that I reached there on time and save Pihu arrest Poonam she is not worthy to be anyone nanny do something he receives a call tells tells him to go to Divya and come dressed as Gulabo Ishita will herself hire you now. Poonam was acting to behave good again with Pihu as CCTV was on she then takes her to washroom there she starts beating her once again.

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Pihu came and tells Poonam she wants to go to washroom again for toilet there she takes the camera from which she ios getting the video recording. Nidhi call Mani and tells him that in few days its Raman Ishita marriage anmniversary and one day before that you have to release me from the jail. Inspector Abhishek comes at Ishita house to arrest Poonam she gets shocked know this.

Ishita tells Poonam you don’t know why police came to arrest you she shows her the whole video recording then scolds her what kind of a disgusting women she is beating a little girl like Abhishek says its not worthy to scold her she will not realise then finally Abhishek takes her away with him.

After all this Ishita apologized to Pihu for selecting Pihu as her babysitter Abhishek suggests Gulabo as her new nanny she says she’s the one who told me about the bad behaviour of Pihu and reported against her she is the best for Pihu I take her guarantee myself she will not give you any reason to complaint. Raman rushes here and there to take lift as he cannot go himself in his car as Gulabo to Ishita house.

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