Jan 29, 2020

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Raman Sees Poonam Hurting Pihu

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Raman Sees Poonam Hurting Pihu :- Raman turns into Gulabo the babysitter and went to Ishita house to give the interview there he had fight with the other candidates as some women accidently touches him he gets uncomfortable but soon Ruhi reaches the spot and handles the situation really well. Ishita calls Gulabo for the interview Raman went there she asked him questions why she should select her Gulabo says that she will treat Pihu as her own daughter like her mother and father as well.

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Ishita gets very much impressed with the answers given by Gulabo she was about to select her for taking care of Pihu but suddenly Shagun arrives there and says she has chosen a perfect nanny for Pihu she introduced her to Poonam Ishita tells Gulabo that now you should leave as we have already find a babysitter for our daughter Raman gets sad.

Raman went back to Bhalla house sits alone in his room sad Mrs Bhalla arrives there asks him why are you sad he says I again lost Mrs Bhalla gets confused what he is talking about Next morning Raman leaves for the office early Mrs Bhalla asked Romi where he gone Romi makes excuse Mihika had doubt on him and consults him regarding that.

Poonam comes to Ishita home Raman had a plan that he will offer Poonam a job at his office so that she will leave the job of babysitter At Ishita house Poonam went to Pihu room saw the CCTV camera gets careful behaves very well with Pihu but she gets sad seeing her as she does not like her at all. Poonam takes Pihu to school on the way she scolds her hurts her Raman saw all this from his car.

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